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  1. If you deny not having a defense, they will hit you with ROGs asking you what it is, since you have claimed to have one. You should change that, give them something noncommittal. Considering all your answers cited lack of info, where did you get enough info to formulate a defense? Just tell them it is a premature request until you see their evidence and you will update your response at a later time.
  2. 2.DEFENDANT "GINGERBREAD MAN" MAY or may not have proof that Midland is NOT the PRIMARY owner,Not the SECONDARY owner , NOPE NOT the TERTIARY owner BUT the ALLEGED QUARTERNARY owner of Alleged Account. You need to clarify this. The rest of your post indicates that Midland bought this from the OC. They need a proper bill of sale identifying your specific account. They also need to produce statements from the account, preferably all of them, the agreements in force during the life of the account, and an affidavit from the OC. Usually they only have their own affidavit. Ask for this in disc
  3. Wow, she was busy at the mall, huh? Oh well, this isn't anything worth getting divorced over, altho it is rather upsetting to a good homelife. I would get her to a BK attorney pronto before this wrecks your relationship.
  4. There isn't any at this point, uraess Florida has some weird rules. First of all, it won't be admitted, it has nothing to do with your case. I believe I gave you a startegy that might get this admitted. At the very least, you have to conduct discovery to have any chance at all of getting a judge to look at this.
  5. They usually get a lot longer than three months before you can nonsuit them for failure to prosecute. It varies from state to state, but three months isn't going to be in the cards. You should send discovery to see what they have, then you can plan your strategy. Is arbitration in the agreement? Like JAMS maybe?
  6. Counter suit (frivolous lawsuit based on no facts etc) There really isn't any such thing. The best you could hope for is to get sanctions and costs. There is no tort action for being incompetent.
  7. Take papers means that the judge will do just that, he will take the papers submitted by both sides and make his decision based upon them. You do not go to court for a non-arguable motion. The date means little, all that means is that short calendar motions are heard on Monday, that is the date they gave you. If you did not file an objection to their motion, it will be granted "absent objection." Default for what? You didn't say. If it is for failure to plead, which means you did not answer something they sent, it can be fixed. That is usually what defaults are used for in your state. This is
  8. You can object to it, but you have to have a good reason or you'll lose the objection. Hearsay is not always the best way, affidavits are considered sworn testimony in lieu of having the live person there in court. If the person was there, you would be given an opportunity to cross examine them. You cannot cross a piece of paper, so if you want to examine the person, you have to subpoena them, which could cost you some money. Be sure of what the affiant says. the "personal knowledge" angle doesn't usually work.
  9. From Rule 34..........The party submitting the request may move for an order under Rule 37(a) with respect to any objection to or other failure to respond to the request or any part thereof, or any failure to permit inspection as requested. part of response to a request for inspection submitted under Rule 34, fails to respond that inspection will be permitted as requested or fails to permit inspection as requested, the discovering party may move for an order compelling an answer or a designation or an order compelling inspection in accordance with the request. It's up to
  10. Nobody here is going to write an MSJ for you, we are not legally allowed to do that without a law license. I am sure it is also against the forum rules. You don't need 18 pages. The sample I gave you will show the breakdown you need.....maybe an introductory statement, facts of the case, argument, points of law, (case law) and a conclusion. Your exhibits would consist of the admissions they failed to respond to and your proof of the time they were sent. I can't see this thing being more than three or four pages at most. Stress the fact that since they were deemed admitted, they have no case an
  11. Has she considered filing BK? It sounds like you married a financial disaster in the making. Does she have any more of these coming down the road?
  12. Requests for Production of Documents 1. The original signed application establishing the account 2. Charge slips bearing defendant's signature which establish use of the account 3. The original written agreement in which defendant allegedly assented to the terms of the account 4. A complete history of the account from day one, establishing the legitemacy of the balance sought 5. Any document setting forth the choice of law provision 6. Any document plaintiff intends to introduce at trial which establishes the exact day the subject account went into default 7. Any document produced by plaintif
  13. The problem you are going to have is that if you want to elect arbitration, you have to do it early on in the case, preferably in lieu of an answer. If you get too far into litigation, the court will deny you, as they will view it as a desperation attempt. Discovery copies do not go to the court in any state that I have seen, it is between parties and is ongoing up until a few days before a trial. You really don't need that much in the way of discovery, these cases are won or lost with documents. If this debt was sold numerous times it makes it almost impossible for them to establish a proper
  14. You don't need any definitions, all they do is waste paper and ink and invite you to be objected to. Try this: "The following discovery requests shall be answered in accordance with the rules of civil procedure for the State of Arizona." Let;'s see them object to that. The rest of this stuff is crap.
  15. This is a higher level court, but the format will be acceptable. Modify it to suit your situation.