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  1. Thanks. What would this mean....? EDIT: OC is not bound by FDCPA, but it may violate some other statute. How would a violation be communicated?
  2. Dear Forum Members: I've had an ongoing case going with Amex in Florida and I have an Attorney and I checked the case history online for the County. There was a judgment entered in error then it was vacated in early 2013 and back and forth motions after that through mid 2015 when a new lawyer appeared for Amex then nothing until today I received a Notice of Appearance adding another new attorney but this was the first document I received since the judgment was vacated and it wasn't sent to my attorney as all of the others in the online case history reflect. Any input appreciated.
  3. I entered into the above in 2012 and have made the payments each month online at Pollack and Rosen web site. This month my account is closed and it shows a zero balance. I called them and was advised that they no longer represent Amex and they said to contact Zwicker and they gave me an NG phone number. If I miss payments a judgment could be filed. Any help appreciated and thanks in any event.
  4. Thanks, not a credit card debt and there was no engagement letter or agreement.
  5. Thanks BV80 for replying. Yes, the payments were made while the debts were in the SOL.
  6. I had accounting and tax services performed over several years and had paid some of the balances. There was no written arrangement. Some of the balance is over 4 years old and some isn't. I would like to confirm if this is a 4 year statute item and since no written agreement did my payments extend it? Thanks.
  7. To Racecar: My apology for a delay in thanking you for your advice and help. I have been ill and out of communication since posting. Thanks again.
  8. Amex sued me in small claims court, I appeared and disputed it and a motion to dismiss was filed after requesting certain documents, etc. The next thing a judgment was entered in error and then it was vacated by order to the judge. (I had an attorney but needed to file the vacate myself at the county and now it's hard to get any further answers from them) The erroneous judgment sits there (county records search) and the vacate which I filed is there, although, not clearly related. I had the three credit bureaus remove it when I advised of the vacate. My question is that background checkers, em
  9. Thanks for the responses. It says that on affidavit P or D that the other has not obeyed this stipulated agreement and order of the Court, a Final Judgment shall be entered aginst that party without further notice or hearing. My revised question: during the mediation I asked various questions about validity of the action and received flippany answers and I feel I didn't have any chance to request discovery, etc., they hadn't attached anything to the summons, etc. and it was a corporate account with me as guarantor. Can I do anything now? Thanks again to all of you.
  10. This was agreed to in Small Claims Court in Florida (unrelated to my post preceding this, a different matter but same creditor and attorney), if some new facts or issues have arisen can it be modified or challenged or questioned at this point without having an automatic judgment which the document says? Thanks very much.
  11. Thanks very much for your responses. Is there a time frame to elect arbitration prior to the Notice to Appear?
  12. Hi to all members. I'm new here. I'm being sued in County Court Small Claims Division in Florida. I hope this is not too long or sloppy. I have two matters for query. First Notice to appear for Pretrial Conference/Mediation American Express Bank, FSB Florida attorney filed the suit It's about $2,600 I made the last payment in 2010. They stopped sending statements and cutoff my online access. There's no statement or contract attached. It says a/c# is confidential. This was a corporate account all along. The summons has the Company's mailing address (a UPS Store) but they served it at my home.