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  1. Update ~ I have gathered all the info ... PreTrial tomorrow ~ will let everyone Know what happens .... THANK YOU Seadragon * RTE * racecar ~ Prayers and Thoughts ~ Please ~
  2. the docs they sent ... EXHIBIT A every statement from citibank 2008 - 2011 even tho account closed in 2010 continued to send statement ~*~ the Declaration of Testimony in lieu of Personal Testimoney and Order that copies be accepted in lieu of Originals ~*~ I have the CCP1987( ready to send (I was going to send Overnight Express Mail with Signature) to the person they declare on their ccp98 ... to the H&H Address **IN CARE OF** as they do not provide a address for this "witness" ~*~ H & H Attorney "Donald Sherril" faxed yesterday JOINT TRIAL READINESS CONFERENCE REPORT claiming CCP 98 Declaration in Lieu of Dorothy Ruiz Testimony Copies of Billing Statements (which show payments made) it state "COPY OF THE CONTROLLING CREDIT AGREEMENT" ... there is nothing that I see that shows a "signed agreement" just states: Plaintiff issued credit to Defendant ... BY USE OF THE CREDIT ACCOUNT the DEFENDANT AGREED TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS SET FORTH IN THE ACCOUNT AGREEMENT. That's all it states about an "agreement" and Our Document of evidence of Financial Hardship ... it was not a PERSONAL account it was a BUSINESS ACCOUNT. We show Tax losses of over million dollars. An offer has been submitted to pay 10% of the debt ($23,000. / $2300) This is where we are at this point. Hope this helps!
  3. Blessings ~ ~*~ short of the long ... LOL ~*~ Being sued by Citibank through Hunt & Henriques ~ CA sent notice for validation of debt to H&H received a CCP98 (in lieu of Personal Testimony) with all Citibank Statements attached ~*~ Pretrial Conference on Friday 8/24/12 Trial set for Monday 8/27/12 ~*~ what are my options at this point? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for your assistance to this situation! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ can I still file and send a BOP and send OVERNIGHT Certified RR to ALL Parties ~ CCP1987 ( ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ also I want those that read this ~ I have come here often and many of you have HELPED ME SO MUCH ... I share your website with All of my Friends and Family ~ it is such a BLESSING!!! Again ~ THANK YOU!!