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  1. Update ~ I have gathered all the info ... PreTrial tomorrow ~ will let everyone Know what happens .... THANK YOU Seadragon * RTE * racecar ~ Prayers and Thoughts ~ Please ~
  2. the docs they sent ... EXHIBIT A every statement from citibank 2008 - 2011 even tho account closed in 2010 continued to send statement ~*~ the Declaration of Testimony in lieu of Personal Testimoney and Order that copies be accepted in lieu of Originals ~*~ I have the CCP1987( ready to send (I was going to send Overnight Express Mail with Signature) to the person they declare on their ccp98 ... to the H&H Address **IN CARE OF** as they do not provide a address for this "witness" ~*~ H & H Attorney "Donald Sherril" faxed yesterday JOINT TRIAL READINESS CONFERENCE REPORT claiming CCP 98
  3. Blessings ~ ~*~ short of the long ... LOL ~*~ Being sued by Citibank through Hunt & Henriques ~ CA sent notice for validation of debt to H&H received a CCP98 (in lieu of Personal Testimony) with all Citibank Statements attached ~*~ Pretrial Conference on Friday 8/24/12 Trial set for Monday 8/27/12 ~*~ what are my options at this point? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for your assistance to this situation! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ can I still file and send a BOP and send OVERNIGHT Certified RR to ALL Parties ~ CCP1987 ( ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ also I want those that read this ~ I have come here of