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  1. I actually did mention this to the woman in charge of garnishments (who works outside of payroll) and she said that she still cannot do anything with a copy of the order to vacate. She needs a direct court order to stop the garnishment or a communication from MCM stating that the debt is satisfied. She gave me the number for the lawyer who is listed on her paperwork (which has changed multiple times over the course of my dealing with them on this case) and the LA County sheriff but said to start with the lawyer because the sheriff probably won't do anything without the same information.
  2. Looks like I am not so clear on this case yet. I just had my wages garnished! The original judgement (which was vacated!) had a wage garnishment order and now that I am able to work more I found out that it's still in effect. My work obviously can't do anything to stop it unless they get another court order to stop it or hear from MCM that the debt is satisfied. Since the original judgment was vacated isn't this illegal? I'm at a bit of a loss; what can I do? Right now I am so frustrated and angry that in spite of my fear of court I want to sue their pants off for all the grief I've gon
  3. Thanks you guys! Would it be worth filing for costs if I had waivers filed?
  4. Yeah, the date of delinquency on my CR is 7/2009, which would put SOL at 8/2013 (CA = 4 years) What really irks me is that the only way I found out about the dismissal is by checking the courts webpage... is there really no requirement for contacting people with regard to this? It was dismissed 3/15/13. By the way, thanks for the response.
  5. Does SOL start from the time they purchased the debt or from the "default" of the original creditor?
  6. Hi all! So, after a very busy and rather hellish summer I checked my court case status and it states "DISMISSAL WITHOUT PREJUDICE" I was to appear in court this coming month and now I suppose I do not have to. With a dismissal without prejudice should I be worried about MCM trying to sue me over the same account again?
  7. Super! Since I had to leave early this morning and my post office had early hours, what I ended up doing is placing a page break at the end of each of my responses and typing the verification there. I used the 1st example you provided me. Printed, signed and tacked on at the back of each of the already printed responses. I had them mailed out with CMRR today. I will post again as I hear more from their end.
  8. You all have no idea what joy I get seeing a reply in my email's inbox from this site. I truly wish my circumstances weren't so compacted so that I could do more research than what I feel I've allotted. I definitely had enjoyed going to the law library and digging through the books and talking with the librarian there when I worked on my motion to set aside the default judgment last year. So, the verification is tacked onto the end of each? Can this be done on a separate page (I actually did print them but had not seen the verification in any of the examples I've dug up so didn't know do
  9. Oh dear, a verification form? Is this something I missed? I just picked up envelopes today so it hasn't been mailed yet. I have my mom picking it up and filling out the Proof of Service for tomorrow morning and grabbing money to get a CMRR for me too. And thanks, I have 1 more week and then I will be pretty much incoherent for what I am hoping is a short couple of days. I will be on disability for a month so I will be able to catch up on the school I missed and anything else that MCM throws at me.
  10. You are correct. It actually says Midland Credit Management at the top of the letter so, I will send them copies. These things are obnoxiously longer than my scanner. I just printed them all out, signed and ready to go to the mailbox!
  11. Thank you very much. The 18th is my 30 day mark. I have most of this all typed up but I want to go over it tomorrow and see if I can tie up any loose cannons. Again I ask, with regard to their request of documents relating to any correspondence sent by them, I DO have documents but they DO NOT relate to the case/account in question. Since they ask for the documents rather generally (ie. not asking for documents relating to the specific account) should I just send them copies of those?
  12. Could anyone maybe give me some advice for my inquiries in the previous few posts? I'm hoping to get these out in the mail Wednesday. Thanks in advance!!
  13. Just curious about this, if you partially admit and deny a request, for instance, with regard to the following: Is that okay? How would something like that be worded?
  14. I decided to multi-quote my special interrogatories for quick reference below. I am still unsure as to how to answer these or if the answers are even necessary for them to know. Advice?
  15. As for the documents, I have mentioned that the only documents I received for them are for a different account number and they are in the form of 2 letters in a language I can't read. I also just printed out a fraud affidavit from the FTC. I assume this would also count but I haven't taken it to a notary just yet. Would I send it later on when it's notarized? Would I send copies of the unrelated letters since they didn't directly specify that the documents had to relate to the account in question rather that they refer or relate to the JDB. I double checked and number 3 is typed verbat