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  1. I am not from that place but i think you can search it in google,good luck i hope that you will solve that problem.
  2. Those are really worst label LOL
  3. Ive been encountering this issue also and it is a good thing that there is some answer thanks.
  4. HazelRice


    Mars is been a long long issue til now and there are a lot of article for it.
  5. Unsecured debt i think also can be helpful for this.
  6. Those are really happen in first 30 days,it is a good thing that you share something like this never though to read like this.
  7. Applying for secure credit card is really a difficult choice now a days because of a lot of frauds things happens,my suggestion is use a bank that offer a credit card.
  8. Vocational schools is really a good idea for it,well you really got a huge problem with it.Goodluck.
  9. Well thank for this it is really helpful.
  10. yes i am into facebook,i think billions of people around the world has a account on facebook.
  11. I learn that to be think before i decide.