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  1. Also I will file an typical answer tomorrow to deny all allegations. How am I going drag this out as long as possible? My wife talked to them before, they just gave us no options. So I would rather pay the lawyer than those rats!!!
  2. I think I would definitely talk to a lawyer. But what kind of lawyer should I talk to beside BK lawyer?
  3. That's all the debt we have. Maybe good idea to work out a payment plan now.
  4. Ok. We both are U.S. Citizen but we married out of the country. Could they come after my properties?
  5. Yes. It is a different lawsuit. This is over $16k. The one garnishing her wage is over 10k. We lost in summary judgement. This new one is the 1st complaint we received. We talked to them on phone but they refused to settle at lower amount or lower interest. We can't afford to pay in one shot. Maybe we can do monthly payments. Wonder we should just let them garnish her wages, go BK or hire some to fight. Painful!!! She doesn't have any property but I do have a house.
  6. We are in WA. My wife is served 2 weeks ago. It is a BECU, Line of Credit account. It was defaulted in 2010. They tried to serve her last year at the old place but we moved. They found her this month. She is currently working. Wage is being garnished right now. With this case, we have no idea what to do. The summon is the same as other before. But we moved. It has our old address on it. Wonder how to answer? Thanks
  7. I had a Wells Fargo credit card debt in 2010. My credit report showed that WF sold the debt. I received letters from Data Central Buereu. Then got a letter from other collection company. Looks like the same debt. All I sent DV with no reply. Eventually, got a letter from a law firm. They gave me no amount and no account number. Sent them DV and they replied saying that they don't need to give me any account info or have any statement to show as long as they admit they own the debt and quoted a case. Recently got a privacy letter from a collector saying they are collection my information
  8. Or send this one first? Date Your Name Your Address City, State Zip Collection Agency Collection Agency Address City, State Zip Re: Acct # XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX To Whom It May Concern: I am continually being called on the telephone by your firm over an alleged (fill in the amount) debt. According to the information given to us by your firm, the date of last activity by the original creditor was (date). The State of Limitations on this alleged debt, even should it be ours, is X years in the state of (your state). Since the debt is out of the statute of limitations, and you are reporting this on m
  9. Is this the letter you guys referring to? Date Your Name Your Address City, State Zip Collection Agency Collection Agency Address City, State Zip RE: Account #xxxxx-xxxxxx Dear Collection Agency, Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Section 805 ©, it is my right to request that you cease contact with me. I am exercising my right to do so with this letter. I request that you immediately CEASE and DESIST all contact with me. With this notice, under the law, you can now only contact me to: To advise me that your company's further efforts are being terminated; To notify me that your co
  10. I am just wondering if I can elect MSJ after JDB filed MSJ. I have the Chase Agreement they attached in the Affidavit. Thanks! Chase Agreement.pdf
  11. We have appeal court I think. I am looking at Hoey Pilot's answer. What is the sworn denial? Is it like affidavit?
  12. I will try to post my Opp MSJ tonight. I thought I knew how to answer but I am confessed here. In their MSJ, they have Relief Requested, Evidence relied upon, Factual Background, Statement of the issue, Discussion and Conclusion. Do I need to answer all of them or only the discussion? How to deny I have knowledge of the account? Sorry, I sounds stupid but I am really confused with all the documents they attached. Also, in the Declaration of Fair, Exhibit A, bill of sale from the Chase to GACC. and from GACC to CFH Exhibit B, Affidavit of sale from Chase was made 2013 for the account of 2
  13. They attached the pool id documents there. And the pool id is hand-written.