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  1. You are so right about the "Pocket Docket" as I didn't even know such an animal existed until brother got into this fiasco.... Thanks again!
  2. I will do that!!!! Thank you so much for all the help, and the HUGE education that I received! Great knowledge that I can also pass on to others, especially those folks that I know that don't rely as much on information they can get on forums like this! Time to pay it forward.... Thank you so much! and I hope you and everyone else has a fantastic week! Please take care, -Niki
  3. Hi again! I just wanted to update this thread.... He got a letter: "Stipulated Dismissal Without Prejudice" after sending the letter....
  4. By chance, did you get any responses with this letter? Thanks! -nikki
  5. I also just found this message in this thread... is this something to consider? #59 Their "Consumer Bill of Rights", specifically: b. We will cease collection activities when we receive documentation indicating that the consumer’s only source of income is from exempt sources, such as Social Security or Supplemental Security Income benefits, and that the consumer has access to no other assets.
  6. Thank you, Flyerfan! I so appreciate it! So after going through these, are these better (ammemded) answers? You failed to made all of your minimum monthly payments to Plaintiff's predecessor in interest as set forth in the Agreement.OBJECTION: Calls for legal conclusionNEW: OBJECTION. This request calls for admission of matter defendant has denied and thus it is improper.That Plaintiff's predecessor in interest never excused you from your debt owed under the Agreement.OBJECTION: Calls for a legal conclusion.NEW: OBJECTION:Defendant has already denied any knowledge of the alleged account th
  7. After re-reading the responses in the thread, and the letter from the lawyer, I am still concerned if he should BOTH, ammend his answer and send a letter to meet. They say that using the "calling for legal conclusion" poses an evasivie them the ability for motion to compel... so if he doesn't ammend the answers, he would have bigger troubles, correct? Thanks again for the fantastic help!
  8. Thank you so much for the tough love!!! I told him exactly what both of you said, he smiled and totally agreed!!! Thanks for the help/push, I really appreciate it! Take care and have a great weekend!
  9. Thank you for the responses.... he rolled his eyes as he is not at all liking the idea of meeting with them. So my next project is to read as much as I can find on this forum regarding the meeting and get the letter prepared. I so appreciate the help... now I need to find my backbone (and maybe his...)
  10. We did sent discovery requests, but no answer on that. Does he simply call and ask for a meeting and NOT send any ammended discovery back to them? Thanks so much for the help!!!
  11. We got a reply from the lawyer, and it is quite interesting... especially the parts about his answers. Now I am confused again, do we send an "ammended" discovery respose? Thanks so much! -nikki