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  1. Hello and good morning!!! Does anyone have any idea what sort of credit score that American Express looks for to get their credit card...??? My Vantage Score is about 688. Are Vantage and FICO pretty much the same scores?
  2. I got one of these about a year ago with a $300 unsecured credit line. It's almost not worth it.
  3. I looked at it as a way to re-build my credit since my bankruptcy/chapter 7 discharge in April of 2010. Each and every one of them is reporting as current and paid on time and zero balance or close to zero balance, excpet the Wal-Mart card, but that is being paid on time.
  4. 2 1/2 years ago, I filed bankruptcy and it has since, of course, been discharged. I have since semi-successfully re-built my credit. I have a Capital One card with $500 credit line, a Merrick Bank Visa with a $1250 credit line, a JCPenney with $500, WalMart with $600, Fingerhut with $700, and a Texaco/Chevron card with $400,and an Express card with $350. What is the best way to get a major credit card with a higher credit limit on it. Can someone tell me about the AMEX/Optima Credit Card...??? Or other department store cards. When I keep a very low balance on the cards my Vantage score goes up higher.
  5. AMEX does hold a grudge. I had a charge off with them, which I paid off 21 years ago and still can't get one. I now have a credit/Vantage score of 672, not great, but not horrible.
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