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  1. They are supposed to obtain the information from the original creditor and provide it to you, but for the most part, printouts of account statements will suffice. If you are unable to resolve your problems with the collection agency, and they continue to harass you, or, their activities have already caused you harm, talk to an attorney before threatening to sue. Thanks Andry:D
  2. Well, a debtor certainly doesn't want to admit to the debt There is nothing to say that a general denial of the allegations in a civil claim will "secure" a win. The increase in rate was actually quite minor, and was a lot easier than fighting over primary residence. I believe the thirty-days refers to the period of time you have to request verification of a debt after you've received an initial collection agency notice. Andry
  3. hello everyone, Though this agency is not licensed you should not make your insurance in this company. Rather than that with knowing that her speech is recording she started vulgarity, which is not a reliable sign of an insurance company. So you have to be very careful when you are starting your insurance policy. Thanks Andry:)
  4. Hello all, It's usually different people, from different groups of scammers, using different lists obtained through not very ethical means. So, no, you can't do anything about it except hope you're one of the lucky ones that haven't had their details passed on. Thanks, Andry
  5. Hello, I know everyone here is pretty much saying no,but i will try to send a letter to the lender of the student loan that explain your situation. They may do something in your favor. Worth a shot, all they can say is no. Regards, Andry:|
  6. I have never had a credit card, just unpaid medical bills. They count on ur credit score but most creditors dont' look at medical bills when deciding credit. Andry:cool:
  7. Hello everybody;) I am very new to this credit and debt forum.... I hope that it will provide me great information... I will find out the Solution of number of problems... It’s my 1st experience to join any forum, so give me your valuable advises... Hope i will enjoy your co-operation. Regards, Andry
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