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  1. Found this motion on the web and altered it to suit this case, can some one critique it for me? Is it to long for a SC Motion? IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE FIRST JUDICIAL CIRCUIT UNION COUNTY ILLINOIS CALVARY PORTFOLIO SERVICES ) NO. Plaintiff ) ) ) Vs. ) ) ) Jane Doe ) Defendant ) MOTION TO STRIKE AFFIDAVIT Now comes defendant, Jane Doe, Pro Se, and hereby moves this Honorable Court pursuant to Ill
  2. Are there sample of the motion anywhere? Again thanks I have reviewed Linda7 post and started that paperwork again thanks Is there a copy of a motion to strike the affidavit as incompetent anywhere? with everyone's help I think we may get thru this Thanks again.
  3. WOW! Thanks everyone for the help. The Arbitration Agreement has JAMS, Americian Arbitration Association and National Arbirtration Forum listed. Union County is very small, no web site. You either call or walk in to ask questions. Filing an appearance is $135, we will do this Monday. I am working on that. Do we need to file answers to the 9 points in the complaint. The court house said yes if they are a question, these are statements. So the plan is: 1. File appearance 2. File Affidavit 3. File answers if necessary. 4. File Motion to dismiss 735ILCS 5/2-615 based on 2-606 5. File Motion
  4. In the affidavit line #7 states that in connenction with the purchase of the account Citifincial transferred copies of its electronic business records to Calvary SPV I LLC which records are loaded into the computer records of Calvary Portofolio Services and are maintained in electronic format. No copies of records have beeen provided. Line #5 states the account was purchased by Calvary SPV I LLC on or about 1/26/11 and the servicing and collections were assigned to Calvary Portfolio Services. Again no copy of any record attached. Again thanks for the help. I have contacted the Court's SC Cle
  5. You are correct attached is a two page Arbitration Agreement between Borrower and Lender Citifinancial.
  6. First thank you for your help. I understand my wife must be the one to face the music as does she. I can prepare her to for her day in court with your help. I am doing the research and paperwork as I am retired and she is not. Answers The plantiff is Calvary Portfolio Services LLC The Shindler Law Firm Schamburg, IL The amount of the suit is $2,730.59 + court costs The orginial creditior is Citifinicial Services Inc she was served by a County Sheriff process server The service was legal Correspondence I will have to verify ASAP Union County Illinois Last payment was made 12/09 SOL for Illinois
  7. I am in some desperate need of advise. After caring for two family members who were seriously ill (mother and father-in-law) I came home and learned my wife is being sued in Illinois small claims court. Because of the family circumstances she did not want to ad this to the other problems I was facing. She had intented to just eat the loss due to the circumstances. Yes she has been duly punished. Now I have until 9/12/12 to at least be prepare her for the first hearing. I have been researching as fast as I can and seem to just be spinning my wheels. Can someone tell me how I can get a little b