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  1. i googled around and found this collector to actually be quite pleasant and a significant amount of people stating that once they paid in full it completely dropped off their credit report a couple weeks later. i am going to wait and see what sky blue says and go from there. time is of the essence but there is a balance of also doing the best for the long haul. i would hate to pay it and it stays on my report as paid in full which is not the best outcome. *edit* i emailed allianceonce directly this morning and received a call from someone in their administrative department. she was a lot more helpful explaining the process. basically upon full payment they issue a request for the trade line to be deleted from all 3 credit bureaus and that i will receive a confirmation number and an email stating all of this along with the receipt. she said they have no control over how long it will take the bureaus to reflect the change but she said i could call her back at anytime after if there is an issue. i have her direct number now.
  2. i have a very old utility collection that is on my credit report (found out while applying for a mortgage, not fun) in the amount of $295. i have zero problems paying it but the collections agent said they do not provide a letter of deletion and that i would merely receive a receipt for my payment. keep in mind the collection agency only works for the utility company. after speaking with a supervisor, she explained that paying in full will "delete the trade line" and she said yes it will remove the negative item from the credit report. is this true?
  3. a month later and quite a few accounts have been removed and my best score now is experian at 641. equifax and transunion are not as high, but up 40-80 points. still receiving great service. all i have to do is scan and forward the replies along.
  4. big update! ok, i started doing the math and with the cost of the letters and myself doing the work it just wasn't cost efficient. i have had so much extra real, very high paying work, that it just doesn't make sense to spend couple hours here and there keeping up with this (and i was doing a poor job of following up). i did some research, talked to a friend, and hired sky blue credit. i was stunned by the service. a real person picks up the phone at the 1800 number, every time. i went through the enrollment and sent them everything they needed. within 3-4 business days they requested i call them to go over all the items. i worked with a lady and we went line by line, account by account, through everything and discussed the best course of action. we also discussed on how to move forward and she cleared up most of the confusing stuff on my report. i think she was surprised just how much i knew about the whole process (mainly because of this site) so it really helped when we were going over everything. again, like everyone says here nothing they do is magical, but they do the grunt work based on the results and information you give them and they do it correctly. they dispute 5 items at a time so in 3 months they will pull my report again and go through another round if necessary. i will post back with results each month. looking back, i think its a great service and if i ran into someone in my exact situation i think i would tell them this: go online and read EVERYTHING you can get your hands on as if you yourself was going to tackle the problem and then pay sky blue credit to handle it for you. that way you have a solid idea of what is going on while they do it correctly the first time. after this 3 month period, if there are only a couple of items i may cancel and knock them out myself. but for now, just too much with so many duplicates.
  5. still have questions above and quick update: TransUnion came back about chase card and verified it but deleted 2 other negative items that were associated with it.
  6. another couple questions: i am confused! i received a response to my DV i sent about the HSBC Bank USA. its one short paragraph stating the full account number and who owns it currently and who they bought it from. but there is no proof enclosed that it is mine ... what am i missing here? i received letters from the credit bureaus stating that my driver's license address is not up to date (i am an idiot) so i am sending everything out again THIS TIME with the right info and a copy of my social security card. ugh.
  7. updated again and added the sprint account i received in the mail yesterday. QUESTION! one thing that really bothers me is that there is this huge revolving account from discover that is still active and shows payments on it this year (as recent as august!). the date opened was in 2002 which means i would have been 16 at the time. can you even get a credit card at the age of 16? i have no idea how its on my credit report but the current balance is big, around $5k. can i dispute based on that information alone? or will a simple this is not mine letter to all the credit bureaus work?
  8. any word? i too have an account from northland group. just received a letter yesterday in the mail. i have not validated the debt yet with CRAs. the letter states the amount is $1700 something but they will settle for $200 something. wondering if its just easier to mail them asking for a pay for delete for the amount.
  9. i think most would suggest all separate and space them out. like 4 1 month and then 4 the next month. was the PM helpful? post it?
  10. First, its nice to see some positive results on here. I wish there was a success story thread stating how many negative items they started with and their score and how many they have at the end and their score over a period of time. Anyway, I would have sent the proof with the original letter. From here, and others may correct me, I would send a letter to CRAs with the proof and letter to the OC for the loan with the proof. Threaten legal action maybe.
  11. ok i have finally printed everything and written my letters and i was printing copies of my credit report to send along with (item circled) and i noticed that all the account numbers on my credit report, the last 4 digits are XXXX ... why? also, is it frowned upon to dispute multiple items in the same letter? *edit* i have edited my original post to show 2 of hte accounts i mailed out for today
  12. was this on an account that was sent to collections? written off? what?
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