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  1. All of the information on the account appears to be accurate, at least to the best of my knowledge. My name, address and other info is correct, but I do not know if each individual charge is correct. I guess at this point my last hope is to try and contact the Insurance company once again and figure out why they did not pick up on the bill, or where never properly charged. I have tried this numerous times and I'be gotten no where, but I guess I will give it another shot.
  2. Update: I sent out a brief letter to the CA requesting an investigation into the accuracy of what was being reported as well as proof of the account from the original creditor. I also requested that they submit proof of being able to tack on interest for each month that the debt was past due. Since I had already spoken with the CA as well as the OC and they had both informed me that they had no information on this account I assumed that this letter would have gotten them to remove the account as I demanded immediate removal if proof of the account was not submitted. However yesterday I receiv
  3. @BV80 yes I did dispute this with CRA's and it did in fact come back verified.
  4. Update: I spoke with the CA this morning while I was drafting a letter to send them. I called to get the correct account numbers and while on the phone I requested that they send me all of the account information including procedures, expenses, and break downs of what was owed to the OC. They said they in fact do not have any of the information on file and they would need to make a request to the OC to obtain that info for me. So now we know for certain that the CA and the OC neither have the file any longer. Should I proceed with a letter to the OC and the CA?
  5. @Clydesmom My apologies for overlooking your question. No, there is not any insurance involved in this claim. I was uninsured at the time of hospitalization.
  6. @BV80 Will sending a 623 letter to the CA have any effect whatsoever? My understanding of the 623 was that it was only for the OC and not the CA. Obviously I could be mistaken.
  7. It's being reported on my CR as a collection by Progressive MGMT SYSTE which is the CA.
  8. Thanks for the help. Determined1: It sounds like what you are suggesting would be similar to a 623 letter. Is this correct? If so, I have a question about that. When I spoke with the hospital they indeed did say that they no longer have the records. However when I spoke with the CA they claimed that they did. If I do go the route of sending a 623 letter to the OC will it make any difference if the CA claims to have accurate information or is that irrelevant if the OC does not have accurate records? Thanks!
  9. I have two medical accounts with the same hospital, one from 2009 and the other from 2010. I have already DV'd both accounts and they came back verified. My problem now is how to go about settling both accounts. The largest of the two accounts has a current past due amount of $7200 with an original balance of $5000 which they tacked on $1200 in interest. Originally I was planning on sending a settlement letter to Progressive management, the CA, however I chose to call them instead and see if I could settle with them for a lower amount via phone. They did inform me that they were in fact NOT th
  10. I am going down the list of the creditors that I have on my CR and calling them to find out what the accounts are for and I have a debt from a hospital bill from back in 2006, however the phone number for the OC supplied on my CR report has been disconnected. The account has not been sold to a JDB and is still held by the OC. They do have a mailing address but I fear that that may be incorrect as well. What can I do about this? Would this be considered inaccurate information on my CR and need to be verified, or is it up to me to track down the correct phone numbers and addresses. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for all the input! I have decided against going with this financial advisor as I agree that they are completely wrong in their advice and taking their course of action would cause more harm than good. I will be getting started this week with disputing the duplicate accounts and any inaccuracies, hopefully all goes well! Thanks for the link as well! Very Helpful
  12. So I met with a financial advisor/planner yesterday who was recommended to me by a friend to take a look at my current credit issues. I have been doing a good bit of research on my own and I have a plan of action that I was hoping to take, however after meeting with this advisor their advice was not in line with what I have been reading for the last few weeks. We went over my CR one account at a time and came up with a plan of action. First off I have a CC from BOA that went delinquent 3/06, the status on that account shows as "closed by credit granter" however the account has been sold off tw
  13. coltfan, Thank you so much for the info! So if you are saying that the old charges will have little effect on my score if they are removed, would you put all of your focus on cleaning up the other 10% that are still reporting? The only newer accounts that I have are all medical and the total for all of them combined really isn't that large of an amount. My thought is to contact each of these creditors to see if I can get the amount owed lowered and just pay them off in full. Would this be my best bet in improving my score for the short term?
  14. Ok I desperately need some direction here. I am really new at this and at this point I have done so much reading that I am just overwhelmed. One moment I have a plan of action, the next I'm completely confused. My situation is I have several old accounts; most of which are 6 to almost 7 years old. I am in the process of trying to clean up my credit in order to buy a home but I need to address these negative accounts before getting a loan. I have a couple of charged off accounts as well as some medical bills. All of which are from 2005-2006. I have researched Credit counseling and credit conso
  15. Hi all, I am new to the forums but I have been researching this topic for some time now. I am working on repairing my credit in hopes to buy a home at some point in the near future howeve I have been advised by my lender that I will not currently be eligible for a loan with anyone due to my credit past. Most of my credit issues are from 2004-2006, I have 2 charge off accounts from 2006, one credit card that states "account closed by creditor" and several medical bills between this 2 year period. From what I have read on the net, as well as through this site my understanding of it is that afte