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  1. says- "Resolved, account holder disagrees". What the heck does that mean ? It has not been resolved and I have received no communication from them whatsoever- this is a dispute because I had health insurance at the time I was at the ER- I have contacted the OC, the CA, the Credit Bureaus-
  2. Oh OK Rock Daddy, sorry, I missed that question in your previous post- no I do not have the original contract- it may be in storage in CA- I have requested a copy of the original contract but haven't received a response. It's been a few years, but I do not remember any thing to that effect- I remember going to the office and notifying them that we were moving, and them requesting I withdraw the kids via letter as well- that's all I can recall. It's not thant I'm making up my own criteria- I followed the instructions for withdrawing the kids per their financial dept.- step by step-
  3. Hi BV80, yes, I did contact the school, they referred me to the Collection Agency- I asked for documentation from them because they say it is a joint account, but like I said, with whom ? I am not married and was widowed 12 years ago- not sure why they don't want to work with me,I'd again be happy to pay anything I may owe them, but not after the kids were withdrawn from school-
  4. Yes and thanks for the replies Coltfan, Kutuzov, BV80- I gave them my correct (Texas) address when I originally disputed and requested validation, to which they responded by letter to the Texas address They also state that this is a joint account, I asked for documentation regarding this, as I am a Widow and there is no one else who could have possible been on this account with me- my kids went to a Christian School while I was working out of town in Ca., they were withdrawn from the school and enrolled in another school, but I continued to be charged tuition, lunches,milk, snacks etc. AFTER they were withdrawn. I have documents proving this. My next silly question is," How do I sue them as well as the other CA in CA that is not registered/bonded" ? Do I go to small claims court since it's Texas Law they are in violation of ?
  5. Dear IstStep, Thank you SO much for the helpful response ! I must've misunderstood a post on this site called "Requirements fo CA's by State" by NanaC" which advises that often there are 2 States to deal with, the Collection Agencies State, AND the State where you live. It also advises if the are required to be licensed, bonded etc. and are not, to report them to BOTH their State AND your States appropriate agencies. I must have missed the part in her post that said not to bother reporting them to their State if you do not live their because they couldn't give two s**ts about a non resident, non-taxpayer. I also obviously missed the part that advised to report to my States AG FIRST. Thanks for clarifying. kutuzov, I advised them of my address when I disputed the debt, letter sent cmrr, so they new prior to sending me a bill that I am a Texas resident. Thank you !
  6. They immediately deleted it, but the tradeline still appeared for the OC, Union Bank- for account abuse, they also reported me with ChexSystems. I contacted Union Bank and asked them to Validate- to please provide me with account records because when I moved to Texas I closed this account, they apparently continued to charge maintenance fees- they contacted me back and referred me to RJM ! They stated that the account belongs to them and for me to contact them directly to settle this account- so...RJM and Union Bank aren't providing me with any documentation supporting the entry and I am not sure where to go from here. Thank you !
  7. Their response is that they are not required to be bonded and registered because the debt was incurred in Ca. while I lived in Ca.- same old song and dance- they now state that they did not "Dun" me in Texas so they are not in violation. This is their response to the Ca. Attorney General- I haven't contacted the Tx. Attorney General's Office or the Secretary of State yet- but I know from past experience- TX does take this seriously and they WILL open a case on them- GEEZ
  8. Sent them ID, acct. info, that entry is inaccurate- they have everything they need- and I do believe they are stalling- so they get another letter from me, calling them on it and a demand for delete-
  9. requires them to verify my identity before they disclose any information. I received this response just shy of 30 days, am wondering how to respond ? I read he awhile back, that if they are resporting, then they have enough info on me to verify- is this a stall tactic ?
  10. Thanks for all your replies ! The tradeline appeared on my credit report back in October, I never received a DL or anything from the CA or the OC. I disputed with the credit bureaus and the CA. I never received a response from the CA, but the credit bureaues came back with the standard "verified this debt belongs to you etc...) it also has the statement that it is in dispute. Now a couple months later I receive a bill/DL from the CA, which I found to be odd/name change, not acknopwledging my dispute and validation request. My insurance carried is Blue Cross/Blue Shield, I did contact them, and while they won't sent the CA or OC any communication, they are sending me a copy of the claims submitted for that period, which clearly cshows that the OC never submitted a claim. There is also another tradeline that has appeared, from another CA, different amount, same date and OC. I disputed it as well and sent a validation request. Again, no response, no DL- I admit that I DID go to the hospital, but I had health insurance at the time- and I also don't get why I am just nopw hearing from them over an alleged debyt from 4/01/09. What do I do at this point ? I have a copy of my original dispute/validation request, and I was thinking about sending them the copy along with a straightforward letter explaining to them that I already disputed this and requested validation when it appeared on my credit report, and since they did not respond but continued to report, they must delete the tradeline immediately. I am just not sure if this is how I need to handle it or what to do now. Thanks !
  11. But, no new numbers and Equifax staff members/Customer Service doesn't seem to know that. GEEZ ! Good Luck getting through to them
  12. I contacted Equifax, who I disputed with, because I received a letter that they were unable to verify my identity, this is the second time I received this- (actually I disputed with Equifax, the letter came from CSC) Equifax verified my info over the phione and stated that my address is reporting correctly- and that I need to contact CSC, I had already called 5 different numbers for them, ALL DISCONNECTED- went online to look for a good number for them- NOTHING- went to their website and all you can do is contact them through email- I am sick of jumping through this hoop- esp. when I submitted a dispute that is almost 30 days old- and now they want me to verify my identity- BULLSUGAR !! So does anyone out there have a CRRENT number for these Jackholes ? I am to the point of cursing, and I don't do that !
  13. This is the second time I have received a letter from Equifax/CSC stating that they are working on my dispute but they need me to now send them proof of my identity ? I have done this before- and I think once I do this, the 30 days starts all over again, am I right ? I am tempted to just send them a letter , informing them that I have already do this and that the 30 days is up for my dispute and to delete the tradle line ? It's getting a little ridiculous
  14. I started out that way, and the "easier" trade lines were successfully removed or corrected by disputing online. I found that with the tougher or more complicated tradelines it takes more than an online dispute because you have to use different methods,and/or your reasons for disputing aren't listed in the online dispute options. They require you dispute in writing with a return receipt for your records. Experian, for example, will not let you dispute some tradelines a second time once they've come back as verified- I have no idea how this is determined, because some you can dispute more than once. Equifax you can dispute the same item multiple times, for different reasons, but it seems to me they always caome back as ,"we have verified this item belongs to you"- so I guess it just depends. I have some medical/ER bills that I am disputing, and started out disputing them online, but as long as the Collection Agency responds to the CB's within 30 days and tells them they verified it, it remains, regardless of the reason I disputed them. That's why I started firing off letters, with the reason I was disputing, because yes, I am in fact the person A DEBT belongs to, but the amount is incorrect, see where I'm going ? I'm glad you've had good success, and believe me I am no expert(in fact, I hesitated to even answer your post because I know very little), I have just found that one can only go so far disputing online.
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