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  1. Thanks Clydesmom, That makes a lot of sense. So now I just have to decide if I want to pay it off and have it updated to paid in full or just leave them to fall off. Both of them are not for very much money. However, I've read that it is not always the best idea to have the report updated to show paid in full. Is that true? Thanks,
  2. Hello, I pulled my report today and found 2 collections accounts. One is medical and the other is from Dish Network. I do believe that both are valid and am willing to pay both in full but I want to have them removed; not just updated to paid in full. I called both collections companies and was told by the first that they are unable to remove it completely. The second company told me that it was actually illegal for them to do so. I asked him if he was sure that was accurate and he told me that is what his managers told him. I asked to speak with one of the managers and they stated that it was against the FCRA to delete it completely even if I paid in full. So, any advice of where to go from here? Did they just lie to me about the legality of removing the collections account from my report? Do I have an recourse if they did? I appreciate any thoughts. Thanks,
  3. Hey skipper, Good to see your getting into to credit repair game, good for you. I'm in the midst of the same thing and learning a ton. If you can be more detailed on what your credit report looks like right now I'm sure you would have a lot of good response. It seems to me you have a manageable case from what you've described. But I'm a noob here so not the best to give advice. I can tell you that the credit utilization of your new card will affect your score, so try to keep your balance on that low. I think 20% or less of your available balance is what you want at all times. As for the midland account it sounds like it might be outside of the statute of limitations (SOL) do you know the date of first delinquency (DOFD)? To those veterans reading this please let me, and skipper know if my feedback is incorrect. Anyway, good luck Skipper keep us updated!
  4. I also wanted to add the dates I sent/received my letter. The letter was signed for by Experian on 9/15/2012. So, the 30 day mark would put them at 10/15/2012. I know that I don't want to contact them to ask any questions until the 30 day period lapses. Would you say that this is an attempt by them to get me to contact them? Or, does an investigation typically come back this quickly? thanks again!
  5. Dear Experian, I've just reviewed my credit report and have noticed there are 10 innacurate items on my report: i listed them 1 - 10 as follows: Account name - Acct ##### This account is not mine I have enclosed a copy of my drivers license as proof of identity. Sincerly, (signature) SS#
  6. Thanks for the quick response! The letter from Experian starts off by saying: "we are responding to your request to verify item(s) on your personal credit report. We have already investigated this information and the credit grantor has verified its accuracy." To me it seems that they did conduct an investigation and are just telling me that the accounts were all verified. However, now Im just confused on why they would tell me to refer to my credit report I received when I have not received one. Aren't they supposed to send me a copy when they complete an investigation? Also, why they would list only 3 accounts on the letter? And, yes, I have copies of everything I am doing and a calendar set up to track all dates. Thanks again
  7. Hi all, here's where I'm at: I sent dispute to all 3 CRA's by CMRR. Experian was received back as undeliverable. I sent another along CMRR to a different address. Yesterday I received a response. The response stated "We have already investigated this information and the credit grantor has verified its accuracy." Followed by a few paragraphs of form letter mumbo jumbo. When I purchased my house a few years ago I did dispute all negatives (electronically...) Is that what they are referring to? Also, the letter says "Please refer to the personal credit report you received for the name, phone number, and address of the credit grantor who verified this information." The problem is I never received a credit report from them, just this form letter. Finally, on the back of the letter there are 3 accounts listed. I originally disputed 10 accounts. There are no notes about these 3 accounts. Does this just mean that the 3 listed are the ones that were verified? I'm really not sure where to go from here, should I wait a few weeks to see if my credit report does change or just contact Experian with a validation request? Thanks for reading and all the help!