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  1. lthrwing Ithrwing, Just saw your thread and it looks like you are on the right track. You are getting good advice from everyone on the process. Here are my two cents. I have gone up against H&H more times then I would like to admit but have had success every time. H&H are very qualified attorneys and put together good documents and arguments. However, they have one fatal flaw in that their arguments never change from one case to the next. Therefore, it can be easy to figure out how they will litigate the case and use that to your advantage. As you are likely a newbie and just
  2. Awesome! Congratulations!!! So happy to hear it was a dismissal and not a new trial. Looking forward to the update.
  3. Rookie, Have been following your case and other thread and wish you the best of luck. I agree with Anon Amos that they are similar, but individual objections can be useful especially if you are going up against a pro-plaintiff judge. It theoretically (sometimes still doesn't matter) forces the judge to rule on every single objection instead of just quickly denying the MIL as a whole. Or sometimes having the MIL declared MOOT as the witness showed up, even though there may have been other issues/objections in the MIL than just objecting to the witness. Even if the MIL is ruled on as MOOT, the s
  4. Easy 619, I have kept up with you case from the beginning and wish you the very best and you are really doing great. As such, here is some constructive input for your document. The document as a whole is very good but it may need some refining here and there. There are a number of grammatical mistakes, missing commas, upper case vs lower case issues, etc. Additionally, if you have time, the Case quotations stick out. Its assumed you shortened them to reduce the number of words, but it makes it look like they are not complete. For example, the complete case would be Border v. Kuznetz (1980) 10
  5. Everything works again including Follow button and Content you follow drop down. Wonderful!
  6. For the benefit of the community, I am trying to put together a list of counties within the United States in which the county court website still offer free, downloadable off their website court case documents. The only two left in California are the court websites of San Mateo and San Francisco. If you know of a county in your state in which the county court website still offers free, downloadable court case documents, please post it here. Thanks in advance.
  7. Agree with the post above, GDayMateAZ. I have lost all the same capabilities. Since I can't follow new threads I have had to start writing down the name of the threads in the hopes to follow them at a later date. Is there any other way to follow a thread without having to use the follow button? Admin: Even with these issues still a great site. Thanks.
  8. Any update. It seems like your hearing should be coming up soon.
  9. Your just at the start and there is plenty of time to learn and understand the process. You should ideally fill out the standard 20 questions and the responses will be better. In California it is best to add as many affirmative defenses as possible or you can lose them. Your greatest asset is that the account went from Providian, to WAMU/Chase to whoever now is suing you. (Who is Plaintiff? Likely not Chase as they are not suing right now.) That is going to be a lot of work for them to prove the chain of title through that many companies. Unless you have documented proof this is the same accou
  10. Easy619, Here is some very good information and caselaw regarding "settled statements" which is the unlimited jurisdiction version of the limited jurisiction "statement on appeal". Not all may be applicable as you are a limited jurisdiction case and some of the stuff is relating to criminal cases but there is a lot of California appellate related caselaw in the links that may be useful to you prior to or at your hearing or even in your briefs. There is also a lot of information specific to the trial judge regarding the statement of appeal. People v. Jenkins, 55 Cal. App. 3d Supp. 55 http:/
  11. Sounds like the judge can change your statement to whatever they feel like. Appears your best bet to fight the revisions at the hearing is (5). (5)The trial court judge must not eliminate the appellant's specification of grounds of appeal from the proposed statement.
  12. Have you found anything to prevent the judge from addressing your statement after the legal deadline or are judges immune to deadlines during the appeal process. Keep fighting and keep your head up. Your doing great and we are all pulling for you.