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  1. @Anthony81 appeal based on witness qualifications and sufficiency of evidence. I sent you back a pm. If anyone else would ever like to discuss CA appeal stuff, just pm me and I get instant notification via email.
  2. All of my SOLs passed quietly as well. Any contact from new collection agency, send a good DV letter mentioning fdcpa suits and requesting proof. I sent a few of these and both of the collection agencies almost immediately sold the account. One of them actually sent me a letter apologizing and "forgiving" the debt, basically begging me not to advance fdcpa suit.
  3. I wouldn't arbitrate either. Fight them, you can win.
  4. yeah. i was on fee waiver for superior court trial too. To be honest I don't even feel like filing out anymore paper work yet
  5. i'm not going to insult anyone, just pointing out that a shoddy case was exposed as being a shoddy case despite being able to pull one over at trial. I guess these guys have a job to do (although they could choose a more honorable one). But the smug feeling of victory they had after trial has been vanquished. It's just too bad that more people don't fight these cases, because the midland business model is deficient at best and will lose if battled with reason and law.
  6. When I filed my answer, I did the fee waiver form first, then they took the answer. All future paper work i would either include a copy of the fee waiver order, or simply a post-it not stating "fee waiver on file", and simply clock and drop.
  7. I was pondering this for my case as well. The appellate order has been observed by trial court, and judgement officially entered for me in trial courts (how sweet was the order signed by the (overturned) trial judge). However, since i was on fee waiver I'm not sure what i would be entitled too (probably my total costs - filing fees?)
  8. I scanned the final opinion, I can send to whomever needs it. Send me a PM with email and i'll send it over. I'm not going attach to this thread due to personal information. Also, If T. Brown or any of the other Midland cronies are reading this, look who came out on top after all...
  9. Recieved a Remittitur in the mail, the opinion has been entered as final, and judgement officially entered in the trial courts records for me. The wording of the opinion was also altered slightly i believe.
  10. You must appeal. Trial court judges can sometimes make questionable decisions. You should get a much more fair run in appeals. I did everything to win at trial but lost. Appealed and won unanimously. Bad decisions can be made in trial court. The remedy to this is appeal. Read my thread i posted step by step everything you need to do, it's not as hard or daunting as it seems. You've already learned the rules and come this far, why lose now?
  11. I can send a copy of the decision to anyone who needs it
  12. @small fry I know, i thought they might take the chance to weigh in on ccp 96/97, but that didn't factor into the decision at all. luckily the rest of plaintiff's case was flimsy at best.
  13. Seeing as I was one fee waiver, there are no costs to recover, correct? Also, if anyone reading this needs help with their case or is considering appeal, don't hesitate to send me a PM.
  14. I won my appeal! It was a long process, but in the end justice was done and I won. Received the official decision today, posted in my appeal thread. Won for different reasons I thought I would, glad I made a comprehensive argument.
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