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  1. OH and SOL is very very very up on all old debt. My credit report shows no delinquencies!
  2. Hi Thank you for your perfect information on what to say and what to do. I will answer and go through the steps! An,d in terms of my cell phone, no I did not ever give it out. I always use my landline (yes I still have a landline) , so honestly I do not know how they got it!
  3. Hi there, I am an old resident of this site. You helped me fight 3 cases! 2 settled out of court for zero dollars and one appealed and sited!!! So now many years later I am back! Midland your friend and mine seems to have somehow gotten my cell phone number and have started repeatedly calling me. I got paranoid that maybe my identity was stolen. Checked my reports and I'm good! Clean credit now. So my questions is.... do I answer and speak with them? If they want to speak to me do I inform them to stop calling as I do not owe anybody anything. What do I do? I have heard of folks taking them to court for harassment. Thanks to all that have some answers. And keep up the good fight... I got your back CACH V. Rodgers!!!
  4. I'm helping my boyfriend repair his credit. In California SOL is 4 years. Two of his debts are SOL (2013, 2012), one will be SOL (2014) in September. I read that negative reports can stay on for 7 years. I'm a little confused, where do I need to begin to get these adverse listings removed. Do I start with the collection agency? Do I start with the credit reporting agency? The collection agency also keeps updating the listings and updated most recently 7/5/2018. I also thought that medical debt could not be reported in the state of California, is it different when it is a collection agency? PS I,originally, was fighting my own collection lawsuits and was in "Is there a lawyer in the house" It's nice to see some original posters still fighting the good fight!
  5. Yowza I just checked in, don't worry folks I'm not paying any collection agency. Just a question, but happy to see a good conversation evolved.
  6. Ok I grabbed the letter and found the PS it does state, " The law limits how long you can be sued on a debt. Because of the age of your debt, we will not sue you for it. If you do not pay the debt, we may continue to report it to the credit reporting agencies as unpaid." Is it legal for them to do that even though the SOL is up? Nascar when you say shows up on your credit report incorrectly exactly what does that mean (Do you mean the incorrect amount, What needs to be incorrect)? Thanks once again!
  7. Hi I want to get ahead of the game in case this does turn into a lawsuit. I'm in California and my debt is over 5 years old. I have saved all the letters from this particular debt. It has been sold over 15 times. Now Midland has got it. I got a "would you like to settle letter." Of course I would not settle and I doubt they have any accounting with this as it has changed hands so many times. I checked the docket and nobody has filed anything against me. My question is how often do the folks here, hear of Midland pursuing a debt that has reached the statue of limitations? I also wonder if they ever do their homework on people they decide to sue. As, I have pretty much had $0 walk aways with all my cases and well a pretty awesome Appeals that followed in the fine footsteps Target v. Rocha! Any thoughts on this would be grand. I'm a little paranoid as I really thought my days in court were over!
  8. He's my favorite lawyer! Never thought I would say that about any lawyer. Calawyer is alright too!
  9. The cases are different as they were argued differently. What sort of details are you looking for. CACH v. Rodgers is public you can look it up by searching it. Sierra V. Hale was recently just won it has not been cited yet, but hopefully will be. That's the next step for the lawyer! CCP98 is often overlooked and actually performed wrong, it then allows an affidavidt testmony be permitted and then the witness can not be cross examined. It has become a game changer in California it started with Target v. Rocha and was used in the CACH v. Rodgers case. I would look up both cases.
  10. Target v. Rocha and CACH v. Rodgers to the rescue. Ventura County now has another appeals case that was won CCP98 enforced! I'm pretty sure CALawyer knows about this one. It was once again another win for our fearleass fighter Ian Chowdhury!
  11. Hey Calawyer I totally agree as he fought 3 cases for me. I cannot even tell you what a burden was lifted from me, to not deal with these and have him take them over. I would much rather pay him than debt collectors and in the end it was still far less than what they were coming after me for. I found I don't have nerves of steel and coudln't handle being in court. Although I did go in an argue one of my cases against a lawyer. I must say I can tick that off the bucket list even though it wasn't ever on it!!!
  12. Hi there, as somebody that found so much help here, I decided to share with you the ebook that has been put out by the lawyer that won the appeals of CACH v Rodgers. He has helped quite a few folks on here. He helped me tremendously. Oh it's free, so nothing being sold here. I hope it helps some newbie, because I know how scared I was when I got served and when I looked at the docket only to see another lawsuit was on its way and I just hadn't been served on that one! http://www.californiacollectiondefense.com/sued-for-an-old-credit-card-debt-heres-help/
  13. I know a lawyer that has won many cases against them and has politely written them and collected what they owed him. Yes sometimes lawyers are treated differently than propers but its worth trying!!! I would contact Mandarich and CACH send a letter to both!
  14. This page had a good chart with the major banks and what statue they will use and apply if they try to sue you. That was helpful to know that some go by their home state but will use your state statue if its longer! http://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/credit-card-state-statute-limitations-1282.php
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