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  1. Sorry, I just saw this today. After the identity block, BOA is completely off of all of my credit reports and has not reported since then, over 2 years. The information I received in this thread was incredibly invaluable.
  2. I just got off the phone with Bank of America. She said they do not have the address on the original application. She also said that the address they have on file is my current address. That's all she would give me. They told me I needed to submit any requests in writing.
  3. There's no payment history. It just says charged off/sold. It says the Date of Last payment was 2/2008
  4. I agree, it's strange. Had they sent me any documentation, we would've been able to get to the bottom of this a lot quicker. I do have a very common name so perhaps that is the mix-up. I will also monitor my reports. Do you think I should wait and see what the CRA's do or should I request documentation?
  5. Update here: We did receive an official "police report" in the mail. It's a blank page with the case number at the top and my name and address, the location and the officer information. Nothing is completed. I'm pretty much done chasing down that angle. Got a letter from BOA yesterday: Dear Skipper: You are receiving this letter as a follow up to your recent fraud claim for the above referenced account. What you need to know -After a thorough investigation, its been determined that statements were mailed to you and payments were made. As a result, you'll be responsible for any balance on the account in accordance with your Account Agreement. -Your account will be updated to the appropriate payment history, including any delinquency prior to the initiation of your fraud claim. Questions? If you have questions please call us toll free 800 xxxxxxxx , monday through Friday, blah, blah, blah We appreciate the opportunity to mislead and lie serve you and your financial needs, Sincerely, Fraud and Claims
  6. Updating here: Equifax finally blocked after numerous attempts. I haven't heard anything from BOA yet.
  7. Sorry, I should clarify something. The police report that I was issued and sent to Equifax is blank without comment except for the case number. It indicates on the "report" that this is not to be considered official. Well, EQ wants something official. i'll do that tomorrow.
  8. Alright, so I spoke with a very sympathetic supervisor at Equifax. To make a very long story short, they want a copy of the police report. I am going to try and call the officer and see what they can provide me and then fax it over to them. She told me that they would block it right away.
  9. I might have to call them back. I've got to get back to work shortly.
  10. I'm going to ask them that exact question Blue once they get back to the phone. So far, I'm getting the run around.
  11. EQ is saying they do not block any information, that the creditors have to. They refuse to block
  12. On the phone with EQ....they are saying they don't block anything but just dispute it?? Asking for a supervisor and am on hold now.
  13. I only spoke with Equifax to get their fraud department fax line. I mailed and faxed them the police report and affidavit
  14. I have not been able to confirm with Equifax. However, they sent me a couple emails telling me my dispute is in progress but they are still reporting.