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  1. Hello CD, After reading some of your posts its looks like we are or have experience with Hunt and Henriques among other Debt collectors. I go to Trial this next Tuesday and I have the upper hand at this point. My Question to you is if Dorothy Ruiz indeed shows up as the Witness for the Dec in Lieu of Testimony 98CCP, which I think in all hearsay, what is the best line of questioning to discredit her and show the judge that its all Hearsay. And do you happen to know the Evidence codes for this to back it up? If you would like to chat on the phone I can give you my number, if you are cool with that. Thanks,
  2. I am going to court on Tuesday and Dorothy Ruiz will supposedly be testifying on behalf of her 98CCP Declaration in Lieu of Testimony. If she does actually show up what is the best line of questioning I can use to blow her out of the court room? All help is greatly appreciated!