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  1. I really have no words, to thank you for this posts. At this time I am going thrugh about the same tings you did, and reding your post made my life, allot easier, and save me some money in the prosses. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
  2. I am courrently working on a law suit by CACH, LLC Trugh Mandarich law group, in California. I sent the discovery requests, and they perty much denided most of them! and this trend gives me alot of ideas. At this moment I am working on the Case Management Statement, and working on my Motion to Compel, the thing is that I never had a credit card with Bank of America, and they are claiming that I owe $14,200 to Flit Bank/ B of A. calawyer! I love your postings, they make all the sense in the world, Me! I have never being in a situation like this in my entire live, I would appreciate any and all
  3. Wow! I am impressed to have found this page. I am in a current situation that mimics this trend to perfection. looking forward hearing from you guys, callalawer, you are awesome. and the rest of you gus are also awesome. togueter we can beat this clowns. Thanks. PS. Iam in California.