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  1. I am working on my credit. I pulled my credit report I had a personal loan 5 years ago from a bank (santa barbara bank trust). Lost my job and couldn't pay This bank then turned it over to a collection attorney's office. Nothing ever happened out of it. They never contacted me or anything The bank was bought out by another bank ( union bank) union bank then submits a 1099-c to the irs, which i paid the taxes on in 2013 Credit report shows 3 negs 2 from santa barbara 1 from the collection attorney Being that i paid the taxes on the 1099-c, how would i go upon removing the 3 negs listed above? I have a letter that will be submitted to all 3 cb's, i will attach a copy of each credit report with the 3 negs highlighted. I will send proof that i paid taxes on the loan via 1099-c Suggestions?
  2. no, the court website says motion to compel is 10/5/2014 I never received anything from the plaintiff. There was no request for anything. I would never tell them where i am going Never seen "catch me if you can", but heard it was good
  3. This is a follow up to my case here The plaintiff has filed motion to compel discovery and is set for 10/5/2014. I dont know what this means. I will actually be moving out of state for family reasons in march of 2014, so i wont' be here, so i assume they will get a default judgement vs me? The plaintiff is requesting motion to compel discovery off calendar?
  4. Simple sc100 form for small claims. There is not much too it. She claims i owe her $400 for for services not provided, but i provide the services everyday This situation happened 18 mos ago. Her date time period specified is 10/1-10/9. Which she initialled is completely wrong. She is claiming for something that didn't exist within the time frame specified and the dollar amount, i have no idea where she got that from. $400 of my services will last you 5 weeks, not 8 days
  5. Business owner in ca. Have a former customer suing me in small claims Customer had first sent a letter of intent to sue if i did not pay $400. Had my attorney answer the letter, which the customer lied Customer ignored letter and i was served. When i got the claim, the customers complaint Does not reflect the letter. The accusation is completely different. She still claimed i owe $400, but the reason is different, and the dates are completely false which she initialled. I would like to countersue for? Court date is dec 6, and I have to file the Form with the court 15 days prior till
  6. Is there a BOP form? Does it go to both the plaintiff and his attorney?
  7. I'll go through this quickly I am being sued, and was wrongfully served. No summons were left at my residence or work place I went online to look up who was suing me. The company is a prop. mgmnt company and they mispelled my last name I filed an answer which was a basic general denial When the clerk too my payment for the answer, she seen that they had mispelled my last name and then added me to the case I just looked on the website and see "Mandatory Appearance Case Management Conference" set for december this year What is this about? Thanks
  8. It is un verified. There is no stamp or anything else stating it is verified And this company does own this account
  9. Do I have to check box number 4 for affirmative defense? Why plaintiff lacks standing?No where do I have to state were this is unverified? What part of the court do I file this form? I just send this form to the attorney?
  10. Okay I have the general denial form. Sorry I do not know how to fill out this form . Attorney or party without attorney's name and addres s: My name and address and phone number insert name of court, post office and address Plaintiff: Def: me Answer contract To complaint of name? My name goes here, or do I check to cross complaint? 1. Do I need to add any paperwork other than just this form? 2. Def, me 3. I assume I check box A defendant generally deny each statement of the complaint 2. Defendant has no information or belief of the following statements are true so defend it denies them What do I put here. Do I put un verified? Short title? 4. Affirmative defenses defend it alleges the following additional reason that plaintiff is not entitled to recover anything? 6. Defendant praise that plaintiff take nothing B. Cost of suit C. Other Very sorry I believe tomorrow is my last day I am using talk to text my fingers are too big to text I do not have a computer so I'm using my phone. I do not know how to fill out this form
  11. I went to the courthouse, The docs are un verified and there is no proof of service in the file. Basically my 30 days hasn't even started yet? I had to go to records to get the proof of service and they don't have it. What I don't understand is on the site it says proof of service of 30 days summons and complaint filed, but they don't have proof of service in my file. I went to the self-help room and they told me I can't file an answer until I get that date on the form Breaching contract for money owed
  12. , according to the website my 30th day is tomorrow from the date they filed proof of service. On the summons and complaint I got there is no verification with any lawyers signature. There is only one lawyer signature and that's at the end of the complaint, where it says what I'm being charged for.
  13. I will file the general denial form. What do I put on it? Do I bring it back to the courthouse and drop it off or do I mail it etc..
  14. I served myself? How do they know I picked up a copy? I picked up copies I didn't sign anything saying that I took it. The only date on here is the one saying it was file on June 13th. If they said I was surved also did not get anything in the mail as a follow up. Am I supposed to get something in the mail to 10 days after they said I was served?Complaint is breach of contract and common count money had and recieved Sorry this talk to text isn't working too well