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  1. So I call HESAA, with checkbook in hand, and a defeated heart. I ask the guy how much to bring it up to date, he says hold up (2 mins go by)... "A payment was made this week... you will have to both sign a rehab and make 9 consecutive payments to fix the default." In speaking with him, they used the information in my appeal (divorce settlement, contempt of court, loan origination, and her current info) to actually contact her and bill her, she received the same final warning and default as I did. I will give her the benefit.... for now. I can not afford to lose control of this again, however. This was the first payment she has made.... 2 years after she was supposed to start paying. If she misses a payment, I will step in, fix it and garnish her. Credit is too necessary. If this ball rolls smoothly, I will send the same info from the appeal to the credit bureaus and fix it that way as well. So, they actually weren't just Joshin' me. They didn't have to, but someone out there had a heart and followed up on this and I am grateful for that! I am lucky that she has a job and something to lose! Bottom line try your best, but take control and be prepared for the worst with plan B. Will keep you informed. MrGThing
  2. Thanks, I did call them but they were not very helpful. They said all they can do is pull up my loan and tell me who my lenders were. When pushed, she did give me the number of a loan consolidator who I called. She explained that when a loan is consolidated, the person that signs for it (me) becomes responsible for the entire loan and the co-signer (my ex) is dropped off. Pretty simple, words are cheap... it's all in the writing. Well, I gotta go. I have some bills to catch up on, and an attorney to contact. MrGThing
  3. My ex and I consolidated our student loans (2002 in MD), with Sallie Mae, where my portion was $20k and hers was $180k. At the divorce settlement (2007 in MD) I made payments until 9/2010, and she was to make payments going forward (of course she didn't). After not receiving payments and stating that the loan can not be unconsolidated, SM sold the loan to HESAA under my name alone in 1/2012! HESAA says they can't do anything about that and they can't add her name to it.This basically frees her of any pressure to pay. I mailed in a contestation 3/2012 (sp.?) to HESAA based on my understanding that a consolidated loan could never be unconsolidated according to SM. Every time i call HESAA they eventually say oh yeah the attorneys are still looking at the case you can disregard those letters threatening wage garnishment. I don't trust those operators though, I never received a date to present my case, nor anything from any HESAA attorney, just those "pay now or else" statements. I plan to send another package certified, reiterating my arguement with the same divorce decree, and consolidation agreement from SM. But I am going to pay and sue my ex in the meantime because I think HESAA is just BSing me so they can start garnishing. I successfully sued her in 3/2012 (for contempt and legal fees) but she still has not made a single payment. It's now october and HESAA just sent me a final warning. So back to my main question: IS THIS LEGAL? Can they (lenders) basically do whatever they want in unconsolidating a loan to one party. I have spoken to attorneys and they go both ways. I plan to just pay it since I know I can win judgement and garnishment... and she has a job as an ethics professor (go figure). I can't take it, and I have to live my life;This default stuff has gone on for too long. Mrgthing