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  1. @BV80 @bassplayr My county required a Judgement in favor of defendant in order to award costs. So I asked for judgement in favor of defendant, which the judge did give. The costs were added to the judgement afterwards. I have all documents from court stating the judgement in favor with costs awarded. Midlands attorney dismissed stating the witness was not available and asked without prejudice . The judge dismissed us. All the judgement states is that AFTER REQUEST OF DISMISSAL , JUDGEMENT IS ENTERED FOR DEFENDANT COURT ONLINE JUST SAYS VACATED ON TRIAL DATE.
  2. Thank you @fisthardcheese . Thats the plan right now, I asked lexington law to leave this one alone. I want to handle it the way you mentioned above.
  3. The judgement read in favor of defendant. Nothing about the debt is mentioned. This is one of the things that made me afraid to send the letters to all 3 credit reporting companies.
  4. This is what calawyer had said to me on the subject. I have been afraid to do it, I have more collections so I wanted to wait them out. I am now lawsuit proof from all of them, but they are destroying my credit. Which is why I decided to hire someone that has the time I do not. Has anyone used lexington law before? 500 posts and hasn't been banned yet.... Members4,598 posts@MentionLocation: CaliforniaPosted 25 June 2013 - 10:28 PM bravoflaca2000, on 25 Jun 2013 - 11:50 AM, said: Send your judgment of dismissal to the CRAs and demand that they remove the tradeline. I would also send a
  5. @BV80 They dismissed at beginning of trial without prejudice, I have judgement for me and costs awarded. They have not paid me gave me the run around and its sat that way for 1 year now collecting interest in my favor. I got myself into a pickle with that for adding interest it went over 600 dlls now which means its taxable and I have to file a form ( I think not sure yet, midland tried to send it last year ) I didnt fill it out then because it was only 540 dlls. I plan to send a sheriff again to try and collect. A good guy on this forum gave me a copy of the check midland paid him with. I h
  6. @BV80, I didnt know if it was good idea to hire them. I found them on here so decided to give it shot. I am hoping they can help with other collections, but I did not got to court for those . I have 2 more aside from the one I was taken to court for and 1 of them is also midlands. I am hoping there mistake on the court one I won, can get some leverage over the other account they claim to own.
  7. I need help. I am typing up a letter to all 3 credit bureaus to have this removed, but I dont know how to proceed with original creditor that is also on my report. Midland reporting I plan to send letter with court docs showing they lost and owe me money and have yet to pay me. I hope this will get them removed but dont know for sure. Also sending another letter to the BBB about this . I won my case against midland for this account, they dismissed at trial. I am still fighting for money by the way they have not budged to pay me yet. They still continue to add interest on the debt and show th
  8. Please continue posting your results,If at all possible the letters or emails you sent too. I am about to follow your lead. I have the same issues on my credit report I just cant get them to remove anything.
  9. I received a letter from a debt collector that was hired by another debt collector to try and collect this account that I had already sent DV for to 1st debt collector. Anyways I didnt know how to reply so this is what I sent. Any help or advice is apreciated, I am looking into the SOL since I sent DV to 1st debt collector in 2013. LETTER: FROM: ME WITH MY CURRENT ADDRESS AND DATE TO :DEBT COLLECTOR NAME AND ADDRESS RE ACCOUNT # CURRENT DEBT COLLECTOR ACCOUNT NUMBER To whom it may concern, I dispute the above referenced account this is not my account, I do not owe this account. Ple
  10. I sent the letter and it was signed by: A.MAMM. Seriously, I could not believe it how stupid are they. I sent it to the debt collector address. I will be sending it to the lawfirm po box on the letter also just in case. Better to be safe than sorry.
  11. Thank you I was not sure the best way to proceed. I found the letter sample online and thought it would be a good start. I will send cerified and see what happens.
  12. I received letter from lawfirm stating I owe money for loan from a payday company. I looked at all my paperwork from 2012 and have found nothing, loan company does not even come up online . Its not on my report yet that I know of should I do debt validation letter below or just send refusal and cease and desist? Date 3/24/15name and address AAI (ARGON) The Bourassa Law Group, LLC8668 Spring Mountain RD Las Vegas,NV 89117-4113Re: Acct # ###########To Whom It May Concern,I am sending this letter to you in response to a notice I received from you on 3/18/15 dated 3/5/2015. Be advised, this is
  13. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! I have been trying to look up in court also, see if any documents come up for a case they paid. I cant afford 100 more dollars right now to get the debtors exam and serve them. Worse case I will have to wait until next weeks payday to do it.
  14. I now have abstract of judgement signed by the court clerk and filled and stamped by county recorders office . I asked for certified copy to get same day, which I have sent back to the court, I kept original . I will serve on plaintiff tomorrow . Do I have to get a debtors exam or can I just move forward with these docs,,, On the san diego sherriff website a writ of execution option is below for order of exam... $35.00 Order for Examination / Appearance i have the writ of execution for san diego county already, just not sure how to proceed.
  15. Well I got stuck, they state I need an account number . I have made a dummy of their form attached. I dont know if I should try a money levy , Any advice I had hoped federal tax id number would be enough but the girl on the phone stated it probably would be sent back . I am stuck again , I should have asked debtors exam. I am not even sure of that now...... 35.00 more dollars at a shot of cash levy wont hurt . They dont gaurantee anything on the sherriffs form . SECOND TRY.pdf
  16. WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!! this was them before you even walked in now go and celebrate
  17. I have had no luck with midland for two days straight, they gave me the run around all day yesterday and this morning. Finally a guy was willing to look into it for me. He stated he was giving me the companies federal tax id number . So I am going to resend today and hope for the best. I will be calling san diego sheriff to make sure nothing else can go wrong this time around. THANK YOU EVERYONE.
  18. donnapoo here is sample of BOP . I think you have to geta certain amount of posts before it lets me send you files thru PM. Not sure on that . 20140605081759071.pdf
  19. Az Piano Lady 14 THANK YOU SO MUCH. I was looking it up and figured it would have to be thru IRS just not sure . Thanks for confirming I will call and use the form as excuse . Thank you again. Well i tried Feinsearch .com but its 50 dlls to get the whole number. Will try midland in the morning if not IRS.
  20. I tried to ask for doc about garnishing one of their cases today. I went to court like an idiot to ask what I could do about bank information request , the clerk could not help me she told me ask an attorney or go to the help center.
  21. OKAY , It felt way to easy to get writ. I did get if from court in riverside, I mailed it to san diego sherriff and did bank lien option. Well got my forms back today , I did not know the bank information on the form so filled in as much as I could. They sent back notice requesting bank information which I dont have . Any help I really need it? I did things backwards again . I got the writ but no way to collect . I cant do wage garnishment no Social number . HELP ??? Lost again. I skipped the debtors exam, anyone help.
  22. Take a look at my post, example your # 5 is almost a mirror to mine and you did BOP so should apply. Request for Admissions #3: Admit that you recieved monthly billing statements from CITIBANK(SOUTH DAKOTA), N.A. or its predecessor in interest that related to the transactions made . Response to Request for Admissions #3: Defendant objects to plaintiff's use of the word "transactions made" on the ground that it is vague and ambiguous in the context of this litigation. Plaintiff's complaint is devoid of any factual information regarding the alleged debt. For that reason, defendant has asked p
  23. THANK YOU HOT IN AZ I was not sure so I turned in writ with that address, figured if I had to try this hard for costs. Might as well keep trying with writ if it fails try again.
  24. I turned in today , I will see what they say next week. Thanks everyone .
  25. THANK YOU CALAWYER. I agree its been a disaster, LOL. You helped me to try 2 or 3 ways and nothing stuck. Finally what everyone told me needed to happen did and the court accepted the document . I have sent the form you mention, it is filed and has been received and stamped by court . I was just not sure about the address, I will be putting the san diego one and see what happens from there. If it fails try, try again. I will be filling in the morning .