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  1. South West MI I did cite the Brown Bark llc case in opposition. Probably should of cited the Unifiund Case, but for whatever reason I didn't. BTW Plaintiffs attorney did not bring the Bill of Sale to trial, probably because he knew it was incomplete? However, after receiving the BOS in discovery and reading it thoroughly I noticed the BOS made reference to certain documents, and those documents were not provided. So I made sure to take the BOS to trial and have it submitted as evidence. The judge made specific reference to the incomplete BOS in his decision. It was only after stud
  2. I won in court!!! Suit dismissed for no cause of action w/prejudice! defending against breach of contract and account stated. Against Galaxy Int'l purchasing for $12,xxx I dont post much, I'm more of a reader than a typer, but I wanted to say thanks for sharing your experiences with other Michigan residents. I didn't come across your post until more than half way through my suit, so I didn't go the route of filling MTD with complaint. But I did find other useful info. from your posts, thanks. In fact I made an error filling my answers. I didn't know I had to file my own affidavit in
  3. Bruno, I hope the Chianti didn't score a point back this morning. lol Bruno 1, Chianti 1 ??
  4. I'll be at the court to check the file first thing Monday morning, but until then I'm going to assume I'll have to answer the rogs. I'm certainly taking ladyhunters suggestions into consideration, however are there any other opinions on how I should object/answer.
  5. I have some technical questions: this is what has happened so far, 1) summons and complaint was served on me 2) I filed my answer with the court 3) the court ordered the case to mediation (court policy where I live) 3.5) plaintiff sent rogs to me (date of the ordered mediation and rogs are the same, I'm wondering if the plaintiff jumped the gun, leads to my first question) Questions: A) Does the judge order discovery to commence in michigan, or does discovery start by default? I'm wondering if mediation is supposed to occur before discovery and possibly the plaintiff sent the rog before reci
  6. Thanks for the reply ladyhunter. I was thinking the same thing on #1, but wasn't sure how to word it. #2 true they have my current address, but is there a valid objection to giving my address during 2007 to 2008 time period?
  7. After sending the answers: The court ordered this to mediation (its a policy in my county) Mediation is in 3 weeks. In the mean time, I received rogs as follows: 1) for the relevant purpose of plaintiff potentially serving a subpoena to uncover payments made....list all banks/cu's at which you had an open account from jan 2007 to nov 2007. For each listed provide specific branch at which you did the majority of banking 2) The attached statements are affixed with your current address of XXXXXXX. Did you resided at the address between jan 2007 and jan 2008 (recieved rog 14 days ago) Any sugge
  8. Hello, I've read a lot of info. here, but this is my first post. Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated! I'm not a fast typer, so I'll condense some of the material to save time and get to the point. Let me know if I should provide more detail. (I've read the Michigan Civil Procedures and Rules of Evidence, and I'll be re-reading them until they sink in) Here we go: Sued by JDB Complaint: Breach of Contract and Account Stated (I'm not going to list the 7 allegations, but I can if anyone is interested) Includes Affidavit from JDB (this isn't even signed within the 10 days of fi