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  1. Victory!! CASE DISMISSED! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to everyone who replied to my request for help and offered information. UNIFUND did not pay their portion of the JAMS fees by the deadline set by the Court. I updated the Court as requested and they dismissed the case with prejudice! To anyone who is new to this forum and needs help, pay attention to the great advice that is being offered here and follow it. Once again, THANK YOU!
  2. I had a bout of bronchitis and have not checked for your responses recently. My thanks to each of you for your great ideas! Here is the latest update. The court ruled that UNIFUND was too late in making their objections about JAMS. They said if UNIFUND does not pay their portion of the JAMS fees by Feb.29th the case will be dismissed. I am interested in filing for sanctions. Should I proceed with that now or include it in my JAMS complaint if the case ever gets to them? I do want this to be dismissed and do not like the misleading way I was treated by UNIFUND or the way they tried to circumvent the court's order after the ruling had been made. Your ideas please.
  3. To answer Harry's question, yes I have receipts for everything I sent.
  4. The ruling was written on Nov. 5th and filed on Nov. 10th
  5. I initiated with JAMS on Oct. 27th. I filed an update with the Court on Nov.5th with copies of the paperwork and proof of service to UNIFUND and their attorney. They also got a formal letter from JAMS date Dec.1st showing that I had paid my portion of the fees.
  6. My thanks to each of your for all your good advice. This is all quite confusing and I do not know why UNIFUND is bringing it up so late in the game. To answer Harry's questions, when the Court granted my MTC they said the proceedings would be stayed until mid-January to allow time for me to initiate arbitration. They asked for status reports from all parties by Jan.25th. When I filed my status report on Jan.21st I included a copy of my letter from JAMS with my file number,etc. As usual, I sent a copy to UNIFUND and their attorneys. So yes they did know and I have the certified mail receipt. They did not file their status report until a week later.
  7. Let's not worry about the question I asked above for now. A new challenge has arisen! Per my posts above, even after UNIFUND tried to scare me with their filing that said my JAMS fees were 1,200 (included below), my MTC Arbitration was granted and my court proceedings stayed until mid-January provided that I initiated arbitration by then. I had already initiated with JAMS and sent them my 250. I also filed the JAMS paperwork with the Court to let them know I had initiated. The Court asked for a status report by January 25th. I filed mine showing the JAMS paperwork. Another letter had come from JAMS showing that UNIFUND had not paid their portion of the fees (950). Now UNIFUND has filed their own status report with the Court showing that I did not initiate properly by the January deadline because I chose JAMS. I wonder why they failed to mention this 4 months ago when I sent them my demand? Maybe 250 is not much for an attorney in the junk debt business but it is alot for a retiree! I have attached their status report and the 2 card agreements that they reference. Since I know nothing about this account I certainly did not have a card agreement! One card agreement is the one they sent me when they filed against me and other one I obtained through this forum. I want to file a response to their status report but I need the legal information to back up my choice of JAMS. Thank you for your help! UNIFUND - questioning card agree -posted.pdf UNIFUND - card agreement with JAMS.pdf Unifund - resp to mtc arb - posted.pdf Unifund - card agreement - posted.pdf
  8. The violations I am referring to are for the State of Arizona for my formal JAMS complaint. I want to have the information I need in case I need to file it. Here is part of LIinda7's post on the Arbitration forum: It would be good to get familiar with your state's laws, consumer protection laws, fair business practices act, deceptive trade practices, anything that might could be used in addition to possible FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA, Fraud & Misrepresentation, Breach of Contract, possibly even physical and emotional distress, etc. In some states, violations are even trebled, so it is important to search for your own state's laws in regard to your claims. This can be as easy as using the search feature on the forum and putting in your state's name and reading posts from other members. Or using google to search for violations that can be used in your state. There are a lot of resources out there - you just have to look. If you need any help, I'm sure you can post in the "Is there a Lawyer in the House" forum and just title your post as "Needing help with (your state) violations", etc., and you should get a lot of help from our members. Thank you so much for your ideas!
  9. Hi! Since my last post, my MTC Arbitration has been granted and my court proceedings stayed until mid-January. Before I knew that, I initiated with JAMS and sent them my 250. I also filed the JAMS paperwork with the Court to let them know I had initiated. To be prepared in case I end up needing to file my complaint, the Arbitration forum recommends asking this forum for violations for the State of Arizona. Any ideas are welcome and appreciated!
  10. Thanks, CCRP626. Here is the card agreement with JAMS. UNIFUND - card agreement with JAMS.pdf
  11. Hi! I am in Arizona. The Court ruled on my MTC Arbitration on 11/10. I requested JAMS in my MTC. The Court proceedings are stayed until mid-January. On 11/5, I initiated with JAMS and sent them my 250. I have not heard from them yet. I filed a copy of my JAMS paperwork with the Court and send copies to UNIFUND and their attorney. My question is should I now send a copy of the Court's ruling to JAMS or just wait until they contact me? From what I have read here, I assume they are now contacting UNIFUND for their share of the fees. Thank you so much for your help! Just want to make sure that I do all that is needed.
  12. Thank you both for your advice! The window for a response has past so I will wait for the court to rule on my MTC Arbitration. I will also save the 250 from next month's pension funds so I have it ready once the ruling is issued. When I send in my proof of filing with JAMS should I then ask the court to stay the proceedings until arb is completed??
  13. I received this response from them after I posted my Motion To Compel Arbitration. At this point I believe I just wait for the court to rule on my motion. Correct?? Your ideas are appreciated! Unifund - resp to mtc arb - posted.pdf