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  1. I have a apt eviction that I am thinking about doing the 623 attempt on. The problem I am having is I don't know which collector to start with. This debt was sold to National Credit Services which is reflected on the credit report initally but I have been getting calls from Gerald Moore and Assc saying I owe them the debt. I have DV'd this with Gerald Moore who in turn has sent a copy of my lease but I don't think that it belongs to Gerald Moore because its not reflected on my report. I am thinking that National Credit services ma have sold the debt to Gerald Moore. At this point I don't
  2. I just DV'd a debt for outstanding rent. The first thing that I think I did wrong was to DV 6 months later after talking to the original collection agency National Credit Systems. However on Sept 11, I received a call from another collection company, Gerald E Moore and Associates demanding payment Of course the person I spoke with was none to friendly in fact downright rude so I mentioned about the FDCRA and the person became explosive. And because of that, I decided to record the next conversation and any conversationI had after that. The CA did not want to send any information to me and t