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  1. Has anyone come across a medical debt that could be sent to arbitration? I ask because I'm trying to take stock of all my options. I'm trying get a medical debt away from the clutches of a collection company.
  2. Has anyone dealt with them previously?
  3. They are refusing to re-investigate TLs unless I have new info. Any way to get around this?
  4. I'm going to initiate arbitration against a bureau, but I'm having trouble finding copies of their agreements. I can't find it on their site. Also, has anyone has success doing this?
  5. What did you send them as proof? In the past, when I needed to prove my address, I sent a utility bill.
  6. I attempted to do a PFD with First Premier. No dice. They were willing to do a settlement at a modest discount, but wouldn't delete the tradeline...until I sent them a 623 letter. They didn't respond, so filed a complain against them in small claims court( I was ignorant, otherwise I would've filed in federal). Then I got a response from someone in their legal department. We settled. I withdrew my lawsuit and they agreed to delete all the tradelines.
  7. How old is the negative First Premier TL? Is it listed as a CO, but they still own it?
  8. I have had success with RJM Acquisitions. The debt was about 5 years old. They were willing remove the TL for 25% of the original debt. CAs have been easier for me to settle with than OCs. In general, I would say that the older the debt, the less you should offer. Always start much lower than you're willing to pay. Also, make sure that they agree to not issue you a 1099, so you won't have to pay taxes. Don't seem desperate to settle. Make an offer. If it's acceptable take it. If not, then wait before making another offer. Remember, you have the power in this negotiation. Especially, if it's particularly old, The older the debt, the less it's affecting your score, so there's no need to be in a huge hurry to settle. Of course, you should get any agreement in writing before you send a penny.
  9. I'm trying to find arbitration agreements. I know of the cardholder agreements site, but I can't find them there. I'm looking for HSBC and Wachovia from 2007.
  10. I would offer this advice: 1. Do not dispute online. In my experience, it will most likely be verified. Also, it's harder to establish a paper trail. If you mail your disputes CMRRR, it makes this much easier. 2. I agree that sending 3-4 each month is the smart way to go. 3. If something is verified, request the method of verification. 4. Make sure that TLs are marked "disputed" as there is some evidence that doing such lessens the impact of negative TLs. Also not marking disputed TLs as such is an FCRA and FDCPA violation. 5. Don't get fancy and start quoting laws. KISS.
  11. Do you need to inquire about the method of verification within a certain time frame after the results of the dispute come back?
  12. Experian and TransUnion list the estimated date of removal on their reports. Sometimes, these aren't in agreement, so do your own math.
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