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  1. NOPE. all my paycheck goes to bank account of friend of my. GOOD friend of my..
  2. AHH. i lost a a Trial Vs a JDB about 5 month ago. NO wage garnishment happen. nothing really. What does this mean to me? they will try to attempt to go to my banks and collect. Thanks a lot Harry for your Reply..
  3. Thank you for your reply. and i have verifyed with my School ITT Technical school that is NOT. I repeat. ITS NOT a federal loan and its a private loan. PeaksLoan just lied to me. azz. I wish i never attended ITT Techicnial school. Damm it. 30k Left i have to pay to the federal loan
  4. xx xx/xx/xxx Writ of Execution issued. xx xx/xx/xxx stale dated check/new check requested. xx xx/xx/xxx Abstract of Judgment issued. Abstract of Judgment I just checked the Public Record. and i found this recently added. What does this mean? I have google it. but not 100% sure. thanks for any input
  5. @debtzapper, I will give KAZEROUNI LAW GROUP a call for sure. specially they have an office here at my hometown. and i will mention that i found them from a Member here at www.creditinfocenter.com @Determined1 I will diligently file and complain to as much and whoever i could complain to. I was looking at the other Debt buyer who had purchase the debt and your CORRECTOo. the charge-off amount is off by nearly 2k. OHH heck noo..
  6. Thanks @Determined1 . I never knew there was a FCRA and CFPB .. I will surely take that advice.. its 12:50AM and i been doing a lot of digging. Thanks for all the information
  7. @DV80, I have provided you with the correct date of the last payment paid to the company. and yes your correct, in California Status of Limitation is 4 year DV80, your short reply just made my Year. THANK YOU.. Now i need to figure out how to get this JDB to be remove off my credit report if that is even possible. Debt Validation and Yelling at the 3 credit agency did not help. JDB send a letter stating they have purchase the debt. I'm trying to purchase a home and They stated "this Collection needs to be paid first before we could get you a home loan" ARGGG.. .... Dang Dang Dang. so close on having a Home Loan.
  8. I recently received the Original Creditor Paperwork. this paperwork has my signature on it. and the last Statement the Last day of payment 9/12/2009. then a few months later i think 180+days from the last payment it was charge off. I have read several threads and I believe i asked this question before. just to make sure. as of TODAY 1/26/2015 according to the last payment of 9/12/2009. I'm protected under Status of Limitation? I have read so much threads and article provided by @Determined1, and I have learn so much more.. YOU GUYS/Ladies are AWESOME.
  9. Thank you everyone for your help/reply. @Skiba no letters. but they have given me phone calls BUT from different company named " ACME " I'm trying to purchase a home and according to FHA regulation. credit has to be 580 and higher. and this Collection has to be remove or paid. this is the only thing preventing me from getting a loan for a house.. I also have %20 percent for a regular loan, but still can't get it with this Collection on my report. as of today. this debt is about 5 years old. and i dont want to wait another 2 1/2 years until it gets erase to purchase a home.. you guys/girls are the best. any suggestion WILL be very appreciated.
  10. Hello, I have Calvary Portfolio Services after me for alot of money, over $18.000 Calvary Portfolio Services Purchase the account from another debt collector. its 4 1/2 years from the last payment from the Original creditor. I got an email alert from my credit report stating that Calvary Portfolio Services has posted a collection. and i send a Certified mail Debt Validation letter on 9/22/2014 and Did not get a reply until December 19.2014. I have a copy of the certified mail receipt and a return signature. I have also disputed with all 3 major credit reporting agency and THEN they send me the Debt Validation letter. I think i have 2 counts of FDCPA Violation lawsuit. 1. Calvary Portfolio Services reported collection to my credit report before they have replied Debt Validation letter. or EVEN to notify me i own them and warning me if i dont reply they will send negative mark on my credit score. 2. Calvary Portfolio Services did not reply to my Debt Validation Letter in time. 3 Months LATE. Any suggestion? The main thing goal is to get them off my credit report. THanks everyone
  11. Hello EVERYONE, just wanted to SAY.. CREDITINFOCENTER.COM and everyone on this great community. Thank you for replying and helping people like me.. ---------- I'm trying to purchase a home. and there is this Peaksloan.com Student loan which is not a government loan which is $3156. they attempted to single for $2500. but i told them. i have no idea what your talking about and to stop calling me. they notify me that, "just an FYI. this Student loan, even if its not a federal loan, its a Direct Loan, even if its not a secure loan. it will not be remove from your Credit history after 7 years under the California rule" is this any true to this? I do have a Federal loan which I'm paying for too. but i know i have to pay that back.. the reason I'm not paying for this loan, is because I NEVER KNEW that my school apply for this on my behalf. i called the SCHOOL and they showed me paperwork i sign stating i did approve loans for Federal and This loan. so I'm screw on fighting this peaksloan. Any suggestion will be great..
  12. I have close the old checking account.. I would assume the last payment should be when the GAP or Bike Insurance made the last payment. In that case it was 11/2010 Thanks BV80 for your reply.
  13. Well. after some deep research. found out that the first Deliquency payment was 11/2010. the first major deliquency first reporteed on 06/2010. I'm afraid to put to much information here. but this is what happen: in 2008 I purchase a Honda Motorcyle and i was never notify it was NOT traditional loan. in fact it was a credit card loan. I was making minimum payment of less than $200 for a few years. Not knowying it was only paying interest and never pricinpal. The motorcyle got stolen. Insurance paid about 8k. GAP insurance should have paid the left-over But Only Paid 1k. but since i was only making interest payment. the bike never really paid itself. i was ONLY PAYING interest to the company. The bike shop i purchase this from never notify me about this. i was young. I SUE this bike shop and lost. they came to court and show the contract.. 1 year later. i gotten a letter stating. a lot of people had similar issue. and there will a Class Action regarding the SAME issue i had. I ignore it hoping that they will forget about me. Then. here I'm now. Well. thats really the story behind this issue I'm having. The total they are trying to sue me for is 11k... [deleted].. All the years i been paying on interested alone is almost 6k.Gap insurance paid 1k. Bike Insurance paid 8k. total of payment of 15k. I would pay them 3k for them to leave me alone. but 11k. HELL NO. Any suggestion .. I'm in a big spider web of mess.