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  1. Hi, Last summer, I went to the ER and was billed for three services - the ER facility fee, the ER doctor's fee, and the fee for the CT scan I received. My insurance paid the ER facility and ER doctor's fees, but did not pay for the CT scan. My insurance company covers almost everything, and they've never denied a claim before - they're stating that they have never even received the claim for the CT scan, and therefore certainly didn't deny it. I discovered this after it was posted to my CR by a JDB. I contacted the JDB, and they agreed to remove it for 60 days but would place it back on my
  2. Hi, About two months ago, I noticed a few inquiries on my credit report that I did not recall authorizing, so I disputed each one with the companies listed on my credit report, CMRRR. Over 30 days has passed since each company has received my dispute letter; of the six or so companies that have received the letters, only two have responded. I thought that they were required to respond within 30 days after receipt of the letter or they could be sued. An attorney I spoke with stated that I had to dispute through the credit bureus first, but that doesn't do anything because they just check eO
  3. I've pursued litigation for a similar reason using just the time, date, and customer ID of the person involved... but it's been for another type of company and not one that I've done business with. I really don't know where even to send a CMRRR because nobody there talks to you aside from when you stay on the phone for an hour if you want to wait for transfers.
  4. Hi, I have an account with a certain bank, and I continue to get calls from them, about one or two per day, soliciting me to take a survey. After receiving far too many calls, I called the bank's customer service line, and asked to be removed immediately. I got the customer service rep's name and ID. She stated to me that it would be removed immediately and that I would receive no more calls from the bank unless it was for a banking matter related to my account (i.e., account fraud, account activity, etc.) Of course, this evening, I've already received four more calls asking if I'd like to t
  5. I did look over my original agreement, and it did allow for pre-recorded messages, so I guess there's nothing there I can do. I will wait a few more days for a dunning letter, and if I don't receive it by say, next Friday (?) and I continue to get calls from them, I'll contact an attorney and also DV them.
  6. Well, I never gave them consent to receive robocalls, as this is the first call I received. I found the address to the company online (it's a pretty large CA), so I've got that covered Thanks for your reply!
  7. Hi, I received my first call from a CA today. I let it go to voicemail (it was a robocall), and I'm wondering about some things: 1) Are they supposed to send me a dunning letter within 5 days of initial contact? 2) What if they send it to my old address? About my old address - I haven't lived there for three years. Is it their responsibility to find my current address so that they can send me a dunning letter, or if they just say "well, we sent it to her old address", is that sufficient? I think it's ridiculous to expect anyone to keep forwarding mail 3+ years after they've moved, an
  8. Hi, Thanks all for replying. So I've got an update on this. I sent a 623 letter to the OC explaining the issue; they sent me a letter explaining that they'd like me to call them. I called them, got some hillbilly who was all "Well, we have records of your account, um, we just um, sold them to a CA so we're gonna keep this on your report." I think this is ridiculous. There's no way they could have verified it prior to this, and now they're unwilling to remove the listing. What should I do next?
  9. Hi, I'm been doing a little reading on this but I'm still unsure as to how to go about this, so I'm hoping someone here can help me. A few months ago, I pulled up my credit report and realized there were two entries on it from a certain telephone company. I disputed the entries with all three credit bureaus; they all came back verified. I then called the telephone company, and was told that these accounts were 'at a zero balance' and that they did not have any original records on them. I did get the representative's name, customer ID, and date/time of call (I take good notes! lol), so he
  10. Hi, So I disputed a TL with all three CRA's, and two of them came back verified (the third never responded). So using the 623 dispute method, should I contact the OC or the CA or both (the CA is reporting the debt, not the OC)? Also, how should I contact whomever I'm supposed to contact? CMRRR? Phone? I know this question has been asked before but I really don't understand what to do, so if someone could guide me I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!
  11. Okay, I didn't know about this fraud before the collector contacted me, or I would have handled it. I should have stated that a little better in my original post. I just got the letter stating that I ordered this stuff, and that's how I figure it's fraudulent - it states on the letter the dates it was delivered to my old address, and I wasn't even living in that state at the time. Methinks some new person moved in after me and for some reason just thought to do this? I don't know... it's still within the 30 day time period, so I'm going to do that tomorrow or Monday CMRRR.
  12. So long story short - someone ordered ~$100 worth of merchandise in my name a few years back at my old address (months after I moved to a different state - I have this documented with my insurance being transferred there, etc.), and I recently received a letter from a JDB requesting that I pay this. If this were mine, I'd definitely settle it as I don't want it going on my CR - but it's not mine. I wrote the letter and explained that it's fraudulent and that I was no longer living at that particular address... and I put my phone number in the letter. So my questions are: 1) Are they allo
  13. Hey everyone, just wanted to update y'all - so for some odd reason, I guess the attorneys were able to settle with the CA - and I ended up getting a check for $1000!!!!!!!!!