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  1. I sent a letter then called in they finally gave in.
  2. Three years it's from chase , I sent chase a letter and they change it to zero on my credit report
  3. I sesarch the forum and only came away confused about the 1099c. I thoght the debt was forgiven and I didnt owe it anymore. I guess I was wrong , But I had gotten A 1099c from Chase last year for the two past due accounts I had with them. I already filed the 1099 on my taxes last year. My question is should chase be reporting these as zero balances. THey are both still reporting at full balance. , I am cleaing up my report and this is my first dilemna. Thanks
  4. I wont even be getting a card. If and when they do send it I will destroy it. Just my name on the account. She offered to do me a favor being she filed bk back in the 80's. What I gathered I am not even liable as a Au , so really I can only see a upside for me because my credit sucks anyway. If she does go belly up somehow. Then I am no worse off then I am now. Thanks for everyones input It sounds like a go
  5. A very good friend !!! How would it put her credit at risk?
  6. I have terrible credit trying to start rebuilding. I am working on getting some of challges in to the big 3. I have read in the forum this doesn't really help only bring up the sucker score> Which I guess really isnt worth much. But all these people in the web say its the bee knees. Does any one have any thoughts on this? I have a friend with steller credit who said she would could add me to a two cards. I know it cant hurt me, but I dont just want to make sure its worth the hassle.
  7. I went to the court on my lunch break. I asked the clerk what was going on. As my trial was in a few days. She got the file and said that the guy wouldn't do that.(she said they file hundreds of lawsuits a year in there court and he wouldnt try to pull a stunt like this) We called plaintiffs attorney . Apparently they did file it with the court but there was a clerical error due to a new girl working at the court. s So the case has been dimissed since they dropped it before trial . I am stuck with out prejudice. So it is officially dropped. A big weight off my mind. thanks every one.
  8. I will , not sure what the jdb attonery can say once I show the letter . I will update results when it's said and done
  9. I have been studying hard. I am ready for trial. I love to have a court reporter, do i have to pay for one?
  10. well I am going in gun blazing. I will be telling the jdb attonery waht a piece of **** he is . If in fact they don't dimiss. The thing is they never furnished any witness lists I just dont see them presenting any valid evidence. Outside of a few lousy statements which are hersay . its mind boggling They can try my bank accounts I dont have any money. lol
  11. Yeah I know. but why would they send a letter saying they dropped the case if they dont intend to. That just seems like it should be illegal
  12. I love to get with predjuce. I really hope they are not trying to trick me. The judge ruled agiasnt my summary judgment even though the plaintiff never responded. So hopefully if they dont show he gives me the prejudice
  13. WOW There attorney would really stoop to this. It is AA , SO I guess anything is possible. Well I guess I was stupid for thinking of not going. Glad I asked here.
  14. I got a letter from the JDB attonery saying they dropped the case. But they have filed nothing with the court. My trial is on weds. DO I still need to go? IS it possible they would send me this to try to trick me? I Need to take off work to go to court. So I hope I dont need to go