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  1. They only sent me copies of bills. They have not provided me with any documentation showing this is my debt. I would think validation is proof the debt acually belongs to me. This is not my debt and I would like to have it removed from my reports. One of the debts i am sure belongs to a company i worked for but does not belong to me. I never signed for anything or provided my social security number or acually filled out an application so i am not sure why they are coming after me.
  2. They both respond with verification letters and not validation. Do I have to send another Debt Validation?
  3. The debt with Cap one is about 900.00 so i would be willing to pay two payments of 450 to pay it off. I am just hoping it does not update as paid and the negative remains for another 7 years. I read somewhere that the 900.00 is being used to total my utilization so it would benifit to pay it off.
  4. Last payment shows in 2009. SOS in PA is 6 years. I was doing some research and found that Merrick does not sell to collection agency and Cap one has not sold the debt as well at this point. I wanted to be proactive in addressing it but I dont want to make the worng move. I am willing to do a pay for delete or even a payment plan.
  5. I have Cap one, Merrick Bank and first premier all showing up on my report. They are all scheduled to be deleted between January of 2016 and October of 2016. They have not sold the debt to a collection agency at this point. I wanted to do a pay for deletion but after reading on this site and others Cap one and Merrick Bank don't accept pay for deletions. My concern is if i pay them it will restart the sos on the accounts. If I leave them alone they will fall off in another 3 years. If I pay the debt in full how will that impact on my scores? Cap one and Merrick bank are reporting every month as CO but First Premier stopped reporting a few months ago. Any advice is greatly appreciated. ..
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