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  1. They are all old credit card debts that have been charged off and sent to collection agencies
  2. Okay, Im confused. I've read up on "tolling" and reviving zombie debt so here is my dilemma. I've got a few debt scheduled to fall off this year and the rest next year. The debts were all incurred in Michigan but I've lived in Minnesota for 5 years now. In 2009, I hired a debt management company (I know, I know) to manage my debt and they made partial payments to a few of my old debts in 2009. I cancelled them when I wised up and no payments have resumed since 2009. I've read up on the rules in Michigan and Minnesota, not sure which applies. Minnesota seems to say any new payment revives debt.
  3. Hi everyone, I wanted to provide you guys with an update on what is happening with my horror story in case anyone is still interested. Let me preface this by saying I am NOT named on the mortgage, this is my grandparents mortgage on their house, someone messaged me and asked why I didnt just go to court and the answer is 1) attorneys have seemed leary about fighting either ocwen and chase since they aren't threatening foreclosure and they could just bury us in ligitation forever and 2) I am not on the mortgage so anything that happens my grandparents have to agree to. Essentially, this ain't
  4. I'm thinking I have nothing to lose maybe i should just try it out with the larger debt and see what happens. I don't see a down side. Worst they can say is no. Thanks for the input. Any point to any sample letters I could use? I've heard the ones on the main part of this site arent that great.
  5. Ugh, I figured that was the response I would get. I kind of hoped my bargining power would be the fact that it will take them 15 years of payments to even get 16K in interest and that's assuming I don't pay it off faster (I probably will pay it off in like 2 years but just not all at once). I currently owe only $12K including interest. Also if i decided to just stop paying the payment, they would have to find me first to collect and that will cost them time and money. As far as they know I am still in my original state and unemployed. (I wouldn't really stop paying the monthly payment but I wo
  6. Okay, I've been slowing getting my personal credit together and I have a few of curious ones. 1) I have a rather large judgmeent for $9000 (with interest its probably almost 12000 now) that I got in 2011. I do owe it and all the service and everything was proper. I set up a payment plan for $200/month that's documented on the docket with the courts that both the attorney and myself agreed to it. I can comfortably pay the payment plan but with the size of the judgement and the interest on the judgement, it would take me almost 15 years to pay it back and I would pay $16,000 in interest alo
  7. Just a few of quick questions 1) I have an Old Navy account that finally fell off my TU CR but its still on my EX and EQ report. I thought that all the CRAs can only report the info for 7.5 years from DOFD which should be the same for the same TL across all three CRAs. Is that right? 2) Also I have a TL from AFNI that I have no clue where it came from but it says its from ATT mobility services...but ATT is not reporting on any of my CRs. Are they breaking some rule by allowing a JDB (AFNI) to report on my CR longer than the OC (att)? 3) Should I dispute the same TL on all 3 CRs at the same ti
  8. The CA is not obligated to provide you with all that information you requested. FCRA just states your are entitled to receive the name of the original creditor and the OC contact information. A good DV letter only has to say something like Midland To whom it may concern, Account #XXXXXXXXXX I dispute the validity of this debt and demand validation of this alleged debt. Me That's its. As long as the credit card statements have the OC name and contact info, they have done their part. I don't know if you will be served, they may just be trying to scare you or they may file suit but remember a law
  9. Does anyone reading this know what it means when a mortgage is charged off? I know what it means when a credit card is charged off but how is a mortgage charged off?
  10. No, we didnt hire an attorney. The least either of the 2 attorney's wanted to get started was $1200 but both of them advised that we not be the one to start the legal proceeding against either Chase or Ocwen. They said let them start the proceedings if they are going to do it because whichever way it goes its likely to be a long fight and if Chase nor Ocwen has started the fight, that might be a sign they dont want the fight. I think we could get the money together if necessary but I guess for now we are going to just keep sending in our documentation and trying to get it straightened out.
  11. Update 5: Chase assigned us an account manager just for our loan and said to call him if we need help getting to the bottom of this. We call literally everyday and leave messages and he has never answered nor returned our calls. His voicemail says "I always responded within 24 business hours (which is a like 3 week days)" but we have been calling for almost 2 weeks and nothing. *sign* Update 6: This one is the newest thing, yesterday we got a letter from chase that was just one page. It said the following (Ill paraphrase it) In response to the RESPA letter we received, here is the loan transa
  12. Hi guys, I just wanted to keep updating with info and letting people know what was happening with us. First, I wish I could share some of the actual documents with you guys rather than me trying to type them up so you can see what these differnet entities are saying themselves. But I don't want to post our personal info (bank statements, account info, addresses, etc.) I've PDF'd all the letters we have gotten from everyone so if anyone knows a good way to black stuff out let me know so I can post stuff. Also let me know what would be good to post that you guys would want to see. I want to open
  13. I pulled Equifax and Experian about 2 weeks ago and they both have nothing about the debt on there at all, either from May when I pulled them before or now. It looks like this is just Transunion. No date of first delinquency, no last payment date, nothing that would tell me the age of the debt that I could use as proof that this is zombie debt. Is there a standard dispute I should make for a case like this or just wing it? I was thinking to just keep it short in writing basically saying this debate is no longer valid and is past the SOL.
  14. Well since they are paid, they should just age off of your report naturally. Unfortunately, since the debts are paid off you don't have any leverage to get them to delete the reporting and may just have to wait. Paid debts stay on your report for 7 years just like unpaid debts. Usually, you can only do a pay for delete if you still have something to pay to them. If you want them off because you want to buy a house or a car or something, you can just make sure to have a letter from the creditors saying the debts are paid but I don't believe there is anyway to get them off at this point.
  15. So I just pulled my CR from Transunion and there is a new tradeline on there and I have NO clue where it came from! Here it is UNIVERSAL FIDELITY LP #XXXXXXXXX Placed for collection: 08/27/2012 Responsibility: Individual Account Account Type: Open Account Loan Type: COLLECTION AGENCY/ATTORNEY Balance: $120 Date Updated: 08/28/2012 Original Amount: $120 Original Creditor: CAPITAL MV DIRECT BRANDS (Retail) Pay Status: >In Collection< Remarks: >PLACED FOR COLLECTION< Estimated month and year that this item will be removed: 01/2019 I was so pissed! No clue what Capital MV direct brand