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  1. Or dose the OC follow different rules then JDB?
  2. If I fax them do not have to pay out of pocket to send letters by snail mail
  3. Need Fax numbers for following Capital ONE DSNB MACYS $374 WFNNB PAC SUN WFNNB Buckle Nordstoms
  4. Like the title said Do I have to send in some kind of Document?
  5. Thanks for advice but sending a letter to say the same thing? I`m in 159-252 days in debt with some OCs
  6. Here is Draft of My letter: Dear XXXXXX I XXXXXX File#XXXXX notifying of Today COMPANY , Law,XX, XXX Consumer Law Group LLP of Imminently Today ending the contract and revoking any authorization to debit to my Wells Fargo bank account ending in XXX & of any other bank account on file. I also do not want any calls from COMPANY , XXXX Law,XX, XXXX Consumer Law Group LLP . Reason of Cancellation: Due to Lack of Debt Settling Service & Debt Settlement Services that put off into Extreme till creditors have raised & fees be penalties form them Thank you for your Understanding NA
  7. Can I call them & have them spill the beans on how long they take to get a settlement? Do I have to tell them im recording or is their a loop hole that I do not have to tell them?
  8. They have me in 2yr program where they collect money every mouth to put in their pockets . Guy on phone told me it takes 2years to settle with creditor what kind of crap is that just got 50% off on my first talk with a creditor. Also they had me agree on Phone to ACH my bank when talking fast into a legal contract recording . tried to take 5 payments of $178 , $235 , .... of each mouth to put in a trust fund which their was $0.00 funds in the account now its negative $70 of fees who do I send the bill too? So far I should call them up tell them to cancel & dispute their fee for the 2y