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  1. I wrote him on FB but was really looking forward to talking with you, 1stStep.
  2. I love strawberry wine.
  3. Her lawyer will get a big chunk of that money, right?
  4. I keep telling myself I must get into this series.
  5. The Unit and Missing are good shows. Also Person of Interest.
  6. Hello there. I'm an undergrad here for research purposes and I wouldn't mind staying here to learn more about credit in general once I have some time off.
  7. Hello I'm an undergraduate student at Eastern Michigan University and I'm taking an English course where I must write an essay on credit default swaps. The first requirement for this essay is to conduct a small interview with someone who has extensive knowledge on credit default swaps. My question is is there anyone here who I can conduct an interview with on this subject matter? I am not looking for research material, just wanting to talk with someone who has first-hand experience with this subject. Thank you.