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  1. I have 3 different reports on my credit of medical bills that say paid off on my credit report, but are obviously still damaging to my credit. Ive read about just disputing everything, but they are mine and they have been paid off, I did send certified mail requesting that they be taken off and simply got the reply no it says they are paid off we won't remove them. Is there any other steps I can take? I've read to just keep sending them letters but I don't think that will change anything.
  2. Hello, Here is my situation. Over a year ago, the first time I applied for unemployment I didn't realize I had to call them to tell them I went back to work and simply stopped filing weekly. Well I received a letter saying that I owed them $1300.00, which I called and set up a payment plan of $100 a month. I paid it off in November 2011 mind you that I set up this payment plan in March 2011, and AFTER that I received a letter in the mail from the local court house saying that the warrant that had been out for my arrest that had apparently been out since JUNE had been lifted. The next year I went in for a loan and found out that I have a civil judgement on my credit from this situation. I was never issued anything that I was suppose to go to court, never received anything saying anything would go on my credit. I'm desperate for anyway to get this off my credit, I wrote to all three credit bureaus to request it taken off and was told that they can't take it off for the legal period of time of 7 years. I want to know what it means to have a judgement vacated and if not being issued a summons to go to court is grounds for getting it vacated, it is paid off but it is still really damaging my credit.