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  1. I have student loan for the amount 1250.00 I paid only 10.00 on it because I had to show my previous employer a current payment for them to hire me. So the last time I spoke and touched the collection agency was back in Febuary of 2012, I haven't gotten as many calls...maybe 2-3 times a week? before it was crazy.....I feel like they've almost given up.....the loan was sent to the collection agency from the community college in 2009. I know I should've paid it off but have had hardships...we all do, Now I wanna get a financed for a car and would like to take this off my credit report before I a
  2. I have bad credit, 620 with 1 deliquent account in collections for the past 3 years and another one since April. What I wanna do is open a secured loan with either a bank or a credit union, What kind of requirements do they look at? do they run your credit still? I know that they require you to open a savings account or a CD for collateral.
  3. Hi everyone! I'm new to the site but have been a long time reader and decided to join! I've searched long and hard to find a topic related to mine but can't seem to pull any up, So my problem is this- I have a collections acct from 2009 for a student loan from a community college, I have made one payment recently in early Febuary 2012. It was so I can get my insurance agent's license and it had to show I made at least a payment. So the debt I have in question here is in lieu of 1279.00, Very small amount I know...But I haven't had such steady employment and moved often. So I would like to see