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  1. @HelpingGreg No problem. On the bottom right, under the 'Reply to this topic' box click 'More Reply Options' then on the bottom says 'Attach Files' the click 'choose file' and pick the file from your computer you want to upload. then post. Hope that helps what your looking for.
  2. yes. I will dig them out and try to post what i got. I just have to edit some info. Ill try to work on it tonight since i got free time. Where are you at on the case right now, did you already answer
  3. i been thru with the exact same lawfirm and jdb, dissmissed w. prejudice. I had a lawyer help me out and was worth it just to ease the stress of it all. I can dig up all my paper works and try to help out.
  4. Thanks. Yes I'm plaintiff. Basically according to thier proof of service they gave summons to my wife who was not anywhere in area at the time they said served her, she never knew anything about it and she has proof she wasn't there at said time. We dont even live there. Ya jst called laywer and just told me il be briefed before we go, wich is few week's from now. That this is to come up with settlement. So I guess its good, I'm just nervous still.
  5. Hello, After winning a case we sued the process server (i was sewer served) I pretty much forgot about this case until I got a message to show up for a mediation for settlement. Im new to all this and dont know what that means or what to expect. Am I gonna get drilled with questions? I havnt called lawyer yet for the date or ask what to do yet. Thanks.
  6. Good to know, thanks. I checked my bank statements and 9/2010 was last payment.
  7. Thanks, good to know. They didnt do a credit check and I decided not to get a new phone for now. But guess what, the calls from them are begining again after a few months of nothing. Wonder if they gonna file again soon.
  8. would something like a credit check on a new cell phone trigger some alarms to them.
  9. thanks! As far as I remember these debts were from 2010, but Im not exactly sure what month it was first late. Is there a way to offically know when last payment was late. On my CR some debts show payment years after 2010 when I know for sure I havnt paid anything after that year.
  10. update: now it says 'substitution of attrney' so are they gonna file again?
  11. ok im back after beating cach llc. but now find out another jdb was sueing me (not for the same one) I say 'was' because after looking on the county website (i have a habit of this now) First they filed in Dec. Then in Jan.says: decl service, they couldnt find me. A month later its Req:Dismissal, Entire W/O Prej. Now i understand they could file again since its W/O prej. but how likely is that? is there a time limit for them to do that? Why would they file that. I was ready to go to WWII with them lol
  12. hi i was sued by same firm and jdb, for me i had to hire a lawyer, but it was worth it. saved me time and stress. I can dig up my old papers and hopefully help you also on some answers that helped me beat them and had them running with thier tails between thier legs. now im in the middle of my second suit wich is why im back looking for answers again lol good luck
  13. Congrats to you too! ha, just noticed you won also. Yeah, ill try to post up what info I got like how you did, as soon as i figure out how lol.
  14. add me to the club! dismissed with prejudice and got my fees back! from cach llc