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  1. You dont need any deposit or credit check - nothing, if you buy, for example, MySimple Mobile plan. But I hate their Reup service lately, i think i will switch to another pre paid plan, like Straight talk maybe.. Because you can use your own cell phone with them.
  2. We are using Simple Mobile (mysimplemobile dot com) , i pay $40 for my plan (i don't care for internet speeds), he is buying plan for $50 , faster internet. Every month you can buy a pin code in pinzoo dot com via paypal. And text this pin to simple mobile number, and that's it. These plans have unlimited text, calls, unlimited internet (best speed up to 2gb, later slower, but still without additional costs). I suggest buying phone on ebay, iphone or samsung, or whatever you want.. Used, great prices. Ebay is always on customer's side, so no worries if you don't like the phone (that's why i q
  3. @energizer, I think you should work more on your credit report. Mine was reaaaaly bad (512), I did few small things, and score went up quickly. I still have 2 very bad accounts, which hopefully will be removed by end of this year. I don't like having 2 credit cards, felt better without any. Don't apply for cards anymore, for me it was -10 points for 1 hard inquiry. Accounts out of SOL - try to remove them. In SOL - wait. Or pay to original creditor ( i'm not sure how this works..).
  4. I would say NFL is easy to get. Got it in February this year ($500) when TransUnion score was 602, EQ below 600. Score went up, in June received Cap1 offer, accepted it. They gave $300. Have 2 cc now. Spending $10-20 per month on each card, paying everything off, so there is no % to pay, but still there is some movement on cards. In November 2012 EQ was 512, now after 8 months EQ is around 630.
  5. Debt is out of SOL. On Nov.2012 I sent DV letter to collectors. They answered on February, 2013. They write: "After reviewig the information you provided, as well as our account notes, and information provided by the previous creditor, we are unable to determine the nature of your dispute, and consequently deny that our records are innacurate." .... I disputed with credit bureaus. They say: There is this account ,... , please contact them direcly (didn't remove). I called and asked what documentation they have to prove this debt is mine. He said - I will look at your case and send papers in
  6. 1st time OC said I must pay the debt to them, because CA (CBHV) is out of business, office closed.. 2nd time OC says they hired the CA to collect the debt, that's why they don't report it.. I will get more info, who owns the debt right now etc..
  7. I' m not going to keep this cc in my vallet. it will see the sunlight once a month for max $49.50
  8. Yes, this is what I decided to do.. Anyway, I still have many nice things to do on my report , for ex., besides this topic (about 4 CA accounts), I have 2 Original creditors who are reporting some balance, but debt is sold to CA, so they both are reporting.. I'm wondering how this is possible that I have all this craziness on reports and 3 days ago I got approved on NFL Extra points credit card with $500..
  9. Yes, CA agreed to pay them 5k in 21 days (he asked to make it longer than 10 days and lawyer agreed). Eveything must dissappear from my reports (it did). I called and asked when should I receive the check, the lawyer said that I will NOT receive money, because I signed the Retainer.. She was very angry when I asked about money
  10. The collections can validate these 2 accounts, they can not the other 2 "added from nowhere" accounts. So I can't remove them completely. And if the collection agency deletes 2 wrong accounts and reports only 2 valid acc.for ~$1000, it's "cheaper" for me to pay for delete (200-300?)
  11. I called not long time ago and asked, is case closed etc.. (they didn't update me). "Yes, it was done 1 month ago.." I asked her to send me a document where CA representative signed the "Release agreement". After I went through this agreement, I asked them to send me copy of lawsuit where I sued the CA too. At the begining , on the phone she said it can be done (about $1000) and one more time where I saw this sum $1000 was on email where my attorney told to CA repr. that he will pay me $1000. I signed "Retainer" that I don't need to pay anything to my lawyer, doesn't matter we win or loose.
  12. AND I have two accounts with the Original creditor because they wrote my Last name wrong first time. So they opened a second account with my actual Last name. Usually it's 1 account for 1 address/person. That's crazy..
  13. I would wait until CA deletes 2 wrong accounts, and then I "pay for delete", total amount $1173, very nice deal at the end, IF they delete after I pay.
  14. In report there are many good opportunities.. I can clean it out, BUT I got interested - to sue them and get some $. Last time when CA appeared with Summons and I asked the lawyer take care of this, he kept $1000 which he promised to give me. So I guess I need lawyer for my lawyer.. oh well. Lesson learned. At least CA disappeared from my reports (out of SOL). (Kutuzov - maybe you remember, you helped me a lot with this.. it was in November I think) I think she (from OC) lied about CBHV being out of business, their website is full of energy... And she said that on the phone, not in letter. If
  15. Hi, I just called the OC, they sent me all info. There are 2 accounts. Debt on 1st account is ~200, 2nd ~ 1000. I asked them who owns a debt now, she said: "You need to pay us, because collection agency is out of business, they don't exist anymore.. " Really? Collection bureau Hudson Valley doesn't exist anymore? So these 2 accounts ~250 and ~ 1250 are not from OC, CBHV added them without any reason.. And it's written "Bad debt write off" on both accounts. And balance shows "0".. Should I contact CBHV now or Equifax and Experian?