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  1. I am not going to sue them right now. They won't give an address and a google search of the number reveals nothing except that they are in Arcadia California. They call from blocked numbers, leave different numbers if they decide leave a voicemail, and give a different "firm" name each time they call. It sounds like Miller sometimes, and Mudler or Muhler at others. Never is clear. I have spoken to them once and told them that I wanted proof that I owed them money. Of course when I told them that I also told them that I wanted everything in writing. Their reply was that they did not have that information they were only notified that they were to send me legal documents and that I would have to contact the original creditor myself. Then they said that they could work out payment arrangements with me so that it would go back to collections and not forward to litigation. Hmmm. If you don't have the proof that I am asking for then how would you have the ability to work out payment arrangements? If they were ever to sue me, which of course I have a better chance of finding a real live unicorn, then I will take all of the evidence of violations I have and nail them.
  2. After not hearing from them for quite awhile, I just got another call from them. This time another voicemail asserting this is an urgent matter blah blah blah. I have to give these guys an A for effort. They are persistent buggers!
  3. I have the voicemails saved. I agree...scum.
  4. So, now for an update. I am still getting calls from these yahoo's, but no voice mail - until today. Again they are asserting that they are trying to deliver papers to me. This time the guy said that they have had numerous attempts at a previous address, previous employer and current residence. And it is imperrative that I, or my attorney, get in touch with them immediately. (Let me jump right on that). It is urgent information regarding a pending civil matter that needs my attention...yada yada yada. (yawn). I am friends with my previous employer so I phoned and asked if they had anyone come by. They said no (of course), but someone did call saying they were an attorney and they were phishing for information. This friend knows what is going on, I had seen them just last week, so they were smart enough to not say a word. I am learning that these people know no bounds. I have yet to see someone come to the house or anywhere else. What they do should be illegal. Oh wait...it is! I am definitely reporting them to the AG's office.
  5. That is too funny! It has been two days since I have heard from them. And of course all of you are right...they have yet to show up at my door and serve me anything! I wonder how many people rush and pay them thinking someone is coming to their house. I thought the whole thing sounded off to begin with. I am new to all this stuff and it pisses me off that they can get away with these tactics. I think in general most people want to pay their bills.. But hard times happen to everyone and it is a shame that these scum bags prey on people that have had hard times.
  6. I think I will report them to the Texas AG's office. Thanks guys! BTW...no calls from them all day yesterday.
  7. If I file a complaint with the AG's office, do I report it to the one here in Texas? Do they have to be licensed in Texas to bring a suit in Texas? I know I have seen something somwhere about JDB's having to have something in the state to be able to sue or collect. Can't recall what it is that I saw at the moment. I don't know if I mentioned it in this tread, but the number they are calling from is in California.
  8. I did not know there was such thing as a reputable attorney or JDB...jk! I hear you. It is what I thought too. It is just makes me anxious to get a call like that and wonder what is going on. It is just good to hear from others that have dealt with these guys or a similar situation. If someone does show up while we are not there, they can get aquainted with my dogs. My two pit bulls love to make friends with strangers when no one is home! lol.
  9. That's what I think too Nascar. I have one case against me and the only way that I knew it was coming before I was served was that I had advertisements coming in the mail from attorneys wanting to represent me. The letters listed a case number which I looked up on line and found it to be a valid number. The only number these guys have given me is their in house reference number.
  10. I did find someone that said they had an address for them. It does not have a suit number and I think it should because when I google the address it says that there are several businesses with that address. I am guessing it is in a strip mall or something. Someone on another site said that when they asked for the address the caller got defensive and hung up on them. My guess is that they know what they are doing is not legal and they don't want you to know that. Why else call from a blocked number and have your number and business invisible on the web?
  11. When I spoke to him I told him that I would have to have something showing what this debt was, who it was from, what the amount he was asking for consisted of, etc. His response was he did not have my bank statements that would show all that. The client is the one that I needed to talk to for that. But of course he advised that I needed to make a payment with him so that it would not go to litigation. As far as I can see, they are violating nine way to Sunday and they don't care. They want my money and I am not going to part with it. It has not been my experience to be called and warned that I am going to be sued. I cannot imagine how many people they get like this. I was wondering if anyone on this board had heard of this particular "legal services". I noted that they never directly said they were a law firm or that they were actually giving me a summons. They just said that they were with leagal services and they were trying to give me legal documentations. That is what he said. Documentations, not documents. Lol, Whatever.
  12. I have been getting blocked calls for awhile now. I just ignore them because I don't answer blocked calls. They never leave a voicemail. Last week my husband calls me and tells me that he received a call from someone looking for me. They told him that they needed to give me some legal papers that I had to sign for. He took down the number and I called them back. The man I spoke to said he was with legal services with Mulder and Associates. He proceded to tell me that he was sending someone to my house to serve me with legal papers, but I could stop the process. I asked him what this was in regards to. He said that it was over a credit card debt. He told me that his client was about to process litigation against me but that I could stop the process if I would give him a payment toward the debt. He said that would show his client that I was trying to make good on the debt and that he could get them to move it from litigation to collections again. Of course, to make that payment I would have to give him my information to do a draft from my account. I told him that I did not know what he was talking about and that if I was going to pay anything I would have to have validation of the debt. He informed me that he did not have that information and that I would have to contact his client. He tried to give me the number and I told him I was not in the position to take the number at that time. He said that I needed to pay him or they were going to serve me legal papers. I ended the conversation by letting him know I was not paying him anything. A few days later I get another blocked call but this time they did leave a message. I am assuming because now they have actually talked to me. This message says "I am so n so from legal services with Mulder and Associates. This message is intended for (me) with the social ending in XXXX. I am calling because we had a failed attempt to deliver some papers to your address at 123 elm in my town and state. We would like for you or your attorney to call us at 626-XXX-XXXX. We need you to do this asap so that we can schedule an appointment to have your documentations delivered to you. Please call asap so that I am not forced to have these papers served to you at work. Good luck." I googled the number and I have found that it is a land line but the owner has the number hidden. I have looked up Mulder and Associates and cannot find anything. I did find other people having the same people call them, almost saying the same thing word for word. I have yet to find if they are just a collection agency or what, let alone if they have actually even served anyone. Has anyone else had a call from these guys? Has anyone else heard of them? I have a feeling they are just trying to scam me into paying something. I don't want these guys showing up at my work, but I get the feeling they are not really going to serve me. Thoughts?
  13. Thanks. I won't call. I will ignore them. I checked the court house listings and did not see anything. I don't think it is common practice for a process server to call you before they come. That has not been my experience anyway.
  14. So, I got another call from these guys again. They left a voicemail as I do not answer blocked numbers. This time they left me a number and said that they are trying to serve me "legal documentations" and that if I don't contact them soon they will be forced to go to my place of employment. They want me to make an appointment to be given these papers. I guess I will call them back and let them know when I will be home. I am still finding this to be fishy. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this? Again, the call is coming from California.
  15. I am going to ignore this for the time being. I think it was someone trying to scam me. I once again thank everyone for your replies!
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