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  1. I guess collection proof is a better word. They'll never get my money unless I want them to.
  2. @BV80 Yes and yes. New attorney. Standard 30 day validation letter. Which is stupid because it's the same debt just new attorney trying to collect for CACH LLC. Nothing to validate. Guess the old attoreny gave up because I'm judgement proof lol
  3. Long time no talk to! Not to bring an old thread from the dead but I got a letter in the mail from an attorney trying to collect on my CACH LLC judgement. I'm judgement proof so I don't know what action, if any, I should take. Thinking about calling them letting them know I'm a waste of their time because I'm judgement proof and they'll never get a penny from me. Do I have anything to worry about?
  4. Can you describe to us in detail what you have received and what you need to respond to/answer? I always got my best answers when I typed verbatim what was sent to me and asked how to respond line by line. Leave out any personal data you can't/don't want to release of course. So when you filed your MTD for failure to post the bond your MTD was denied by the judge because the bond had been posted? Or did you not get a chance to file it at all?
  5. Well I sent my answers to the fact finding sheet the other day. We'll see what happens. Opening another account just in case they try to get sneaky. I'm not worried though. The attorney is done. It's up to the JDB now to further pursue me which they have been advised is pointless based on my Head of Household Exemption. Logging in just basically to say Hi to everyone. Actually kinda miss being on here every waking hour of the day Keep fighting the good fight everyone!!
  6. F.S. 57.011 Costs; security by nonresidents When a nonresident plaintiff begins an action or when a plaintiff after beginning an action removes himself or herself or his or her effects from the state, he or she shall file a bond with surety to be approved by the clerk of $100, conditioned to pay all costs which may be adjudged against him or her in said action in the court in which the action is brought. On failure to file such bond within 30 days after such commencement or such removal, the defendant may, after 20 days’ notice to plaintiff (during which the plaintiff may file such bond), move to dismiss the action or may hold the attorney bringing or prosecuting the action liable for said costs and if they are adjudged against plaintiff, an execution shall issue against said attorney. If it's been 30 days since they filed the lawsuit and 20 days after you have given them notice to file the bond, you can move to dismiss! The judge may still give them time after your MTD to file the bond but it's worth a try.
  7. I'm not worried about that part at all. I have a very close relationship with my boss. We are a small office and he would never let that happen without my knowledge. The last time someone tried to garnish my wages for some medical bill I didn't know I still owed on, didn't get served papers, had no idea about a judgement, he called the people up himself and argued with them telling them this was rediculous and actually paid them the rest that was due and had me pay him back when I could. They are really good to me here so I have no worries there. It's the surprise freezing of my bank I'm worried about. I think I'll take that route though where I have my boyfriend open an account and deposit my money there. So if I fill out this worksheet (I'll wait until his account is open and ready) and give them my bank account information, I'm not being dishonest in any way. It doesn't ask me anything about where I deposit my money. It does ask if anyone else lives with me. Why do I need to tell them that? What does someone else living with me have to do with ME and MY money? Do I legally need to tell them that? The judge already told me by law I have to fill this sheet out. By not answering I would just be making myself more trouble but I want to know why they want to know. Is it because they already anticipate I will be putting my money in my boyfriend's account?
  8. ooooooo I like that idea! So it's not illegal to have my money deposited into his account? I have the right to put my money where I want right?
  9. Got my "fact finding" sheet yesterday. They want me to give them all my personal info. I'm wondering, if I close my current checking account now that the judgement has been filed and have my boyfriend open a new one in his own name and have my pay checks deposited into his account, is that illegal? He's my husband for all intents and purposes and the father of my children but legally he is not. We've been together almost 10 years so i'm not worried about him running away with my money Is it illegal to try and "hide" my money? They asked for my checking account info but if I don't have one and it's in his name, I can say no right? I don't want or need to get in any more trouble. I don't want to do anything shadey or illegal.
  10. So I'm getting my exemption documents ready. I talked to my bank and she said I could send the documents to their legal department to hold on to so my funds can't be frozen BEFORE they try to freeze them. She was just a teller and probably doesn't know anything but this is what she said I could do. My questions is, should I actually file these documents ahead of time and send them to the attorney AND the court or just send them to my bank and say hey here is my proof I file head of household, here are the documents I PLAN on sending in the FUTURE, IF and ONLY IF they actually try to freeze my bank account. Technically, everything I have found online says to file the exemption to stop a garnishment or to UNFREEZE a bank account. I want to PREVENT these things. Am I doing anything wrong procedurally by being proactive or do I need to wait until they actually try to garnish my wages or freeze my account before I go mailing anything to the court.
  11. In my opinion, and apparantly case law doesn't support this, but I feel like in an account stated claim, or ANY claim having to do with credit cards, there should be a rule that accounting needs to be accounted for FROM DAY ONE and proof of all sales from one entity to the other FROM DAY ONE must be proven. There is just so much that can go wrong in transfers...balance, payments, interest. Who's to say everything is accurate after a transfer...No one can prove this. No one IS proving this and NO ONE is making them. It's just not fair.
  12. Oh heavens no! You guys didn't let me down at all!! I wouldn't have gotten nearly as far as I did without all of you! If anything failed me it's the system. The judges letting things get through and entered into evidence that they shouldn't, letting attorneys slide on orders and not make them offer up the goods BEFORE a case gets to trial (like those statements CACH never got) Banks for selling this junk debt to these bottom feeders after it's been charged off and after they've received a tax credit, Attorney's who 9 times out of 10 get an automatic judgement because people doen't know the rules or their rights. All of this has added up to what, in my opinion, is an epidemic that feeds on people who are already down and out,struggling to pay their bills, not because they are irrespsonsilbe, but because horrible things happen that they have no control over. It's disgusting.
  13. So I've already had repos and now a judgement (or maybe even two. I remember having to pay off some medical bill and getting paperwork in the mail saying I had to pay. I think they got an automatic judgement since I didn't know anything about it. Wish I knew then what I know now). Isn't bankruptcy a route people take to AVOID those things? Since I already have them, filing bankruptcy might not be the best route. I'm not in risk of losing anything...I've alreayd lost it. And everything I owe is kind of minor. If I just took the time to pay it all off little by little how quickly would by score go up? Anyone have an idea?