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  1. Well it's all over!! Looks like they dismissed without prejudice 2 days ago. Thank you everyone!! Every little bit of help in my threads and other threads made this possible!! I think the nail in the coffin was the MIL and Trial Brief I did based on homeless's thread! They dismissed the afternoon they received it! Admin, is there anyway to get his thread stickied? Pages 13 on is a gold mine! Will start working on my memorandum of costs, but do I need to also file a proposed order of judgment or dismissal? They dismissed before Trial Readiness Conference. Once again, too many to name, but Than
  2. So just had the thought to check out my case online with my Trial Readiness scheduled tomorrow morning. And what do ya know.....dismissed (without prejudice) !!!! Anyway I can get that changed to (with)? And can I get costs back? Still plan on heading to the court tomorrow anyway mostly because I feel like its a trick to not get me to come....I know I'm nuts! So I guess I'll know for sure tomorrow whether or not I won this round!
  3. Thanks SeaDragon!!! I still dont quite understand how the lawyer for them can legally sign under penalty of purgery that he is not a party to the action (Proof of Service). That just makes no common sense to me at all, but then again not much has made real world sense to me with this whole case. Their response to my ccp 96 was 1 day late and therefore everything else has been pushed back as far as getting my brief and MIL ready. I'm pretty sure that both were due today, but I finally finished both now and will get it all out tomorrow. Hopefully the judge will show me a little leeway considerin
  4. Oh and can the plaintiffs lawyer do his own proof of service? Just noticed that he did it for their ccp 96 response?
  5. Here is my main thread on my case: http://www.creditinfocenter.com/community/topic/317872-portfolio-ra-hunt-henriquez-vs-me-ca/page-3 So I'm starting to get a little freaked out but I believe I'm good. I have 2 questions regarding kind of the same thing. 1. Is my Trial Readiness Conference the place to bring up my MIL? I know I need to file it with the court and send to plaintiff, but do I need to schedule another time just for the MIL? 2. My server is going for a 2nd time today to try to serve their witness, but how do I reflect that in my trial brief? Or do I prepare the trial brief as if
  6. Actually it was written by a data program that apparently uses white out. Thanks for this! Just to be extremely clear though, when I fight the affidavit from the OC , I cannot argue hearsay then correct? Anybody want to take a look at the affidavit and bill of sale?
  7. I've kept my ROGs low because of something you said in another thread, but is what you're trying to get at here is get this info through RFPOD? I only recently came upon RFPOD so was unsure about doing that or ROG's. it's beginning to sound like maybe I should can the ROG's, get the docs I need through RFPOD, then send admissions? How would that interact with the BOP I've already sent and received. (At least everything I think they're going to send) Gotta go study up on RFPOD until I hear back.
  8. Bruno, Or anybody else for that matter, I've tried looking for this but if they intend to use the affidavit from OC, shouldn't that person be available for trial? Just trying to better understand this entire process.
  9. Oops, meant to say #2. Edited it in my post. Gotcha helpme, but the others look good? I want to get this sent out tomorrow. Thanks for the help!
  10. [quote name=cjayramone" post="1238000" time="1364958804]Thank you Coltfan and Homeschool mom. One question I do have. I tend to get really nervous speaking in front of people, so I don't sound confident. Will that be a problem in the courtroom? Question for homeschool mom, could you provide me the links for threads if possible?
  11. Getting ready to send my ROG's out and was looking for a little feedback. Here's the thread about my case: http://www.creditinfocenter.com/community/topic/317872-portfolio-ra-hunt-henriquez-vs-me-ca/ Please feel free to comment in any of the threads. Thank you all in advance. Interrogatory No. 1: Please identify the document that is the account stated in writing by and between plaintiff and defendant in which it was agreed that defendant was indebted to plaintiff as alleged in the complaint. Interrogatory No. 2: Please identify the exact date in which Plaintiff allegedly acquired the account.
  12. [quote name=calawyer" post="1237364'>1237364" time="1364614198'>1364614198"]The first line should say "I, jane Doe, declare as follows" : Your declaration does not say that? THese are usually filed right before trial. If you have a trial date coming up and can't read the name, fax them a letter Monday saying that the declaration does not give the name of the witness and the signature is illegible. Please send me a letter TODAY via fax with the correct spelling of the name of the witness so I can serve a subpoena for attendance at trial. If you do not have a trial date, and this is being
  13. I'm baaaaaaaaack...... Had a family issue that occupied all my time recently and now I'm finallly able to get back into this case. I have a few questions again and just kind of want to know I'm on the right track here. I'll start with my BOP: So around the middle of February I finally received everything that I believe they are going to send me. They sent around 2 years worth of statements. After going through all of them, the lowest balance they can show is around $900, so I understand that should this ever make it to court I would argue where did that $900 come from. Also attac
  14. I'm pretty sure the dragon means it can't look like you went on a shopping spree and then decided to file.