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  1. For more details u can go through Dunbar Law Attorney Legal Counsel.
  2. Hello Coltfan1972, How are you doing? Your most welcome.Do share information which you think is valuable. Thanks and Regards, Erick.
  3. Hello, Not exactly.If you are considering bankruptcy, your resources are undoubtedly already stretched thin. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy helps you in using your income to repay your debts over time and keep valuable property from going to your creditors. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy shows you how to: * Determine whether you qualify for Chapter 13. * Stop a house foreclosure. * Estimate monthly payments. * Devise an acceptable repayment plan. * Complete file forms. * Make up missed mortgage payments. * Pay-off other debts. * Represent yourself before a bankruptcy judge or trustee. Thanks and Regards, Erick
  4. Hello, Hru doin? Yes here Things like child support, back taxes and student loans must still be paid in full. Bankruptcy attorneys can help debtors in distress find options and help to choose the best solution for their financial problems. Thanks and Regards, ErickJohn.
  5. Bankruptcy is a tool planned by the government to help individuals and businesses flooded out by debts. This process allows debtors and businesses to regain their control on their finances by eliminating or reorganizing their debts. It is more important to be aware that not all debts may be cleared under the bankruptcy law How to File Bankruptcy in Chicago and when to consider Bankruptcy? You consider bankruptcy if you are not able to pay the monthly payment on your debt every month and are receiving threatening phone calls from bill collectors, have been diagnosed with a serious illness, or are experiencing some other family emergency. You feel overwhelmed by debt, it is usually a good idea to consult an attorney to discuss the debt relief options that may be available to you.
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