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  1. Agreed - You should ALWAYS try to fix it yourself first, if you ultimately hire a company you should make sure they offer services on a pay after deletion basis Danny
  2. It looks like you sent one letter to dispute the account, I would continue to dispute but change it up some. Check all facts on your report. Balance, Open Date, Date of last activity, status, etc. - Inorder for an item to be on your report it must meet several rules. 1 - It must be true 2 - It must be accurate 3 - It must be verifiable - You said they haven't sent you anything 4 - It must not be past statute of limitations Most people give up too quickly, just change it up and keep going after it. Don't forget previous advise about contacting CFPB and Attorney General Danny
  3. As you can see, they are not responding, they are not doing what you are asking them to do. They are violating the law, the problem is getting the proof put together and actually sueing them. A lot of times a lot easier to call them up and tell them that you want the debt validated and record the phone call. there are a couple of hotlines that will allow you to do that, or use skype to do that where you dial that phone number on skype you call them up and record the conversation. ask them about validation, ask them about your balance, question the fact that the balance went up, the amount that it did. All this different things usually will cause them to say something wrong and violate the law. Then get yourself an attorney and go after them. Hope this helps Danny Garcia
  4. Getting in old address off can sometimes be tricky and I would just keep trying, a lot of people give up after a couple of times. I've used different tactics in past. Tell the bureaus that the multiple addresses makes me look like a criminal that moves plave to place, or maybe tell them that the old address belongs to someone you know and they keep getting your personal mail delivered to them and you are worried about your privacy. You can also try to find out what creditor is reporting that address and contact that creditor to update their records, it is okay if it is a collection agent (they should have your address anyway so they can't sneak a lawsuit by you) Hope that helps. Danny Garcia
  5. I would try couple of tactics. First thing you could try is to delete the address that may have been tied to that tax lien. A lot of times when that address is removed and you can go back to dispute the item and it will also be removed. Especially with public records. If that doesn't work, I would dispute the taxlien itself. Only can play a little dumb here, tell them that you read in the news that once a tax lien is released it gets removed from the credit report. now that just happens to be a federal tax rule but sometimes acting dumb and doing that kind of stuff will cause the items to come off. I would definetly try to delete the address first and see if that works. Hope this helps
  6. Don't be upset at creditinfocenter.com, If I'm not mistaken they are using google adsense to generate income to provide us with this service. Google adsense or adchoices. Neither service gives the site owner the choice of what shows up. As a matter of fact many times what will show up is sites you have visited before. As with any sales call they are obligated to put you on the do not call list if you ask them to. Tell them to put you on the do not call list. maybe even record the request. if they call you after that you may be able to sue them. I think any monthly credit repair is a bad idea, you should use these boards to remove what you can and if you have to use a credit repair company at all you should do so on a pay after deletion basis
  7. Technically, every score that can be purchased by a consumer is a FAKO score. Even the score provided by MyFico.com is technically a FAKO score. When the three credit bureaus sell scores to lenders they are selling the lenders a specific version of their scoring model (similar to different versions of Microsoft Windows) The credit bureaus pay FICO whenever they have a report pulled using a FICO provided score. When the credit bureaus provide scores to the public they avoid paying FICO a fee by using their own scoring software (FAKO) When FICO gives you a score, they use a version of their scoring model that is NOT available/used by the credit bureaus/lenders. They use the data from the credit bureaus but instead of using the credit bureaus FAKO scoring model, they use their own FAKO model. To make matters worse most different industries pull a different version of your scores. So when a bank pulls a credit report for a credit card, that score will be different than the same bank pulling a credit report for a mortgage. Like mentioned above, i would use the score as a guideline and focus on the data instead Thanks Danny Garcia
  8. Setup a new phone number (use skype) and then call each debt collector and give them your new contact info. When you start getting calls on your skype number try to record them (skype has some free addon's that will do that) When the debt collectors violate the FDCPA (They almost always do, eventually), go to a FDCPA expert and sue them. Part of the settlement can be to remove the item from the report and you might make a little money on the side Thanks Danny Garcia
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