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  1. Trial date is this Monday Sept 16. I just got a request for dismissal without prejudice, which is bittersweet. I would prefer if the case was dismissed with prejudice,...Is there something I can do? I really don't want to go through this again with the same alleged debt. Thanks.
  2. Hunt and Henriques just sent me a letter in response to the Meet and Confer letter I had sent. They pretty much stated that they disagree with my contentions. They state that the BOP provided serves as more than enough documentation to appraise me of Plaintiff's claim. And that the statements show my name, address, account number, and amount due, They feel that this is certainly sufficient to appraise me of their claim. They also state that they will not provide any assignment documents in response. Also they state that the Plaintiff has sought recovery on several grounds including account stated in this action. No BOP may me demanded in an action of an account stated and that in the "unlikely event" that I prevail on any motion to exclude, such evidence may not be excluded in the account stated cause of action. Lastly, they want me to call and discuss the settlement of this matter.
  3. Thanks helpme The complaint does have an open book account as a cause of action.
  4. So, I've sent the Meet and Confer letter CMRRR. What should I expect? Is there anything I should prepare for?
  5. Thanks 1stStep. I will start a Meet and Confer letter. Now, do I have to provide a proof of service for that, and/or file that with the courts?
  6. The statements have the Chase logo on them, and they do not cover the entire life of the account. There are only 2 years worth of statements. The statements look like they were printed from the internet and/or faxed.
  7. I'm in California and being sued by Midland Funding for about $2,000 for an old credit card I had with WaMU. I filed an answer to the complaint with the courts and also sent a demand for BOP, with the help of these forums. Exactly ten days have they received the demand, they sent me a BOP that only consisted of old statements from Chase. and now, I'm not sure what to do. This is the first time I've dealt with anything like this and cannot afford an attorney. Thanks for all the feedback and help.