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  1. Can someone point me in the right direction as to how to proceed. Is it too late for me for arbitration? I've sent a notice to appear, and filed an answer. Next thing I got in the mail is note for motion docket with summary judgement. Is it too late for me to mtc arbitration? Attached is the agreement they want to use not the one I have.
  2. Coltfan Do you think I would be better off suing now or racking up violation against them to use later when they they Sue me for the alleged debt? I read that they violate constantly .they are a lawfirm collecting for the oc
  3. That makes perfect sense. I just saw everyone speaking of telephone violations any many people use the do not call. I thought I had some violations on them that I could use later. My "Home" number is my cell number. Calling my work is definitely not OK with my employer.
  4. Everywhere I have looked, they say all calls are an inconvenience. This isn't the case? They can call whenever they want?
  5. I sent it CMRRR. It said I am in receipt of your letter dated... This letter serves as my dispute of this debt. I am requesting validation. As of this date I exercise the arbitration clause in any agreement between myself and..... I elect to use Jams. I find all phone calls inconvenient to my Home, place of employment or any number on file. Please contact through mail.
  6. OK, Thanks. I'm going to mail these today. Like I said from my reading,these guys are nasty to deal with. Hopefully from the help and all the knowledge on this board I'll be ready.
  7. Depending on How much each violation is, I think they may exceed the debt. Should I alert them I know this is a violation or Let them keep racking up? Everything I've dead about these guys, they are nasty and don't care.
  8. I said that in my first letter. I will send another one as well. Do attorneys working for the the OC have to follow the same rules?
  9. Hi all. Pretty new here, been reading for weeks. Weltman Weinberg and Reise sent me dunning letter. I replied CMRRR requesting validation, electing arb and do not call. They validated. They are now calling me, and my work . This is a violation but I'm not sure How to proceed? Should I Let them know that I'm aware this is a violation and my demand for Jams still stands? They are lawyers, but not sure if jdb.
  10. Also, when I sent them the DV letter to Weltman Weinberg and Reis. I said do not call me at Home work etc... They called me twice at Home and are calling work and even left a message. How should I deal with this?
  11. I haven't pulled my credit report in a few months, How often should I be doing this? It seems a few of my alleged accounts are changing hands frequently. I know one of them is an attorney for the OC. The other one is Portfolio, I asked for DV elected arb and in my mailbox today was a letter that only gave a few details of the alleged debt, by no means validation. The one really in question is Weltberg Weisman and Reis . They say they are a law firm representing the OC, I've looked online and I've read they really are JDB representing as law firm . Is this where I look at my CR ? Do they
  12. I tried to reply but I am too "new" I better get to posting because I'm not sure exactly what you meant.
  13. Ok, thank you. That is what I was wondering. Just because I wouldn't want my election for JAMS to be VOID because I didn't send a copy to the OC.
  14. I have copies of the CC Agreements. I'm just confused in Linda's post it says to send DV letter electing Arbitration when validating. I've done that. I'm wondering if I also send my election to the actual OC like it says in the agreement, or is there a different time for that?