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  1. The loan processor also said a lot of folks get frustrated w/the process and stop jumping through the hoops out of frustration--so I was simply trying to be encouraging by telling MY story. Unfortunately not everybody will have a happy ending. Hopefully my story encourages somebody that reads this
  2. Hang in there! I didn't deal w/ BofA...but I did get a home loan mod and it was seemingly going to take a miracle to do so- I am freelance(income comes in spurts) and it took over 9 months of dealing w/faxes and 'lost' documents...but it finally worked out! The processor I dealt w/at the bank even said he's never seen such great terms as what I was given. Just stick w/it and see what you can accomplish- it will take a lot of work though! But you never know!
  3. Thank YOU Homeless! Your trial brief (and other docs) helped me tremendously!
  4. Oh- and then I left court and teared up a little! It was like a 1 minute freak out while I walked to the elevator! THEN I was good! hahahha YAY
  5. HA HA! I'm a great pouter lol- so that was a very good guess hahaha But here's how it went down: I still had NOT rec'd the status from the sheriff and that was stressing me - so I left the house 2 hours early to be @ups when it opened at 830- Long story short the clerk at the Sheriff's office faxed it to me at 845. Sheriff attempted service 3x. The first 2 times there was NO answer at the "law office" - 130pm and 330pm on weekdays- REALLY??? and the 3rd time the sheriff was told "Tom Vigil lives in Denver, Colorado". SCORE! ....and off I went to court. I got there a bit early so got in line to see if there was a 'dismissal' on the records lol ...no such luck! I then went to court and waited about 5 minutes before it opened. I checked in w/the bailiff and he told the clerk. I took a seat and waited and soon the other attorney came in. He was a totally NEW attorney and I hadn't seen him before! That really trips me out- every CMC and now the trial - different attorneys each time! He came over and asked if it was me and I said yes. Attorney: He first told me he was 'hired by Mandarich to come to court..didn't sound very enthused about it..."Would you like to settle this?" Me: listening... Attorney: "Well, can you pay anything?" (OMG that sounded totally like a last ditch efffort so my heart went pitter patter lol) Me: "I'd like you to dismiss" Attorney: some type of audible HUMPH! and then he said "I will only dismiss w/out prejudice" - and it came out in a somewhat snotty tone in my opinion..but I didn't mind! Me: I didn't say anything to him after that because my mind was spinning! This is the ONE scenario I hadn't gone over in my head!! OMG I was like do I pitch a fit and tell the judge I want w/prejudice?? I was really thrown for a second. Then he went to sit back down and tell the clerk that he was dismissing. The clerk then walked into the judge's chamber and told her "both parties are here and they are dismissing"...and then the judge said "they are dismissing??" - Her door was ajar but I heard her all the way out in the room! I giggled! She really sounded surprised lol Then she came out and was starting to say something and the attorney spoke over the JUDGE! OMG He was really rude! I couldn't believe it! I wouldn't have dared to speak over her....anyways - he said that he is dismissing and she turned to me and said "well, it looks like someone's research really paid off!" (** this is the lovely judge that I had for my 1st CMC- and at that time she directed me to the law library- which is how I in turn found this forum**) So, I said, "i had really great advice to go to the law library across the street" (meaning her advice ) And then she asked me if the ladies at the law library had been helpful and I said "VERY!" ..and then she said, "good job helpyoself". I said thank you! Trust me when I say you have never seen anybody with a bigger smile than me at that moment!! OMG I was and still am over the moon! I asked if there was anything for me to file in regards to the dismissal and she said no- they will file and send you a copy ( which I'm not counting on rec'g my copy from them) lol So, that's it in a nutshell! I really can't get over it but I'd almost swear she was truly happy for me! I just really got that feeling. Lucky me! Thanks again guys/gals- could NOT have done it without you all here! I
  6. Thanks Calawyer- I plan to look into that tonight! YAhoooooooooo!! )
  7. I had this big old long post and it didn't post for some reason....so one more try! lol CASE DISMISSED! w/out prejudice - BUT IT'S DISMISSED!! Woo hooooooo There is NO way in heck I would have even stayed sane through this process let alone know where to start to defend myself without the help of all the angels on here!! Thank You!!! Calawyer, Racecar, Seadragon, Anon Amos, Homeless, ASTMedic, MuteDebt, Helpme to name a few- hope I'm not missing anybody! You guys are awesome! I'll be back on later to post the little details! It was a quickie! #AMENTHANKYOUJESUS lol
  8. Thanks Calawyer and Racecar- that is all good information to have. I appreciate it!
  9. No wine for me..but I did have 2 cold ones last night that helped me to sleep like a baby! lol Thanks for the words of encouragement
  10. thank you Homeless...I will google again...as per their website it says to fax a request which I did ( I also got some info over the phone) but I will try again Thanks for the response!
  11. Thank you! I have EVERYTHING printed fr: Homeless' case and it is organized in my binder- going to go over a bit more and make sure I like the organization... Thanks for the feedback- helps a TON! I have to keep being reminded and reminding myself that he didn't really give me an address w/in the 150 miles in the first place! I think I got this....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah (seriously trying to stay calm!)
  12. Okay- what to do? As of today I did NOT get a status faxed to me as I requested from the sheriff. I'm at a loss about what to do and how to approach this in court. There may be a slim chance that it happens bright and early Monday AM but that will be a very slim chance as I have to drive about 25 min away to get to court and the fax would be here in my town...thoughts? *as of Fri am the sheriff still hadn't attempted per the clerk at the sheriff's office.
  13. Thanks for the reminder Anon Amos. to stop stressing..it's getting to me a bit...Okay I'll rework my MIL and trial briefs tonight :/ and file tomorrow. I just really was hoping to not have to do so..but oh well Thank you Thanks Homeless! I called and the UPS store here does it for a $1 so I'll probably just go w/that for now since it's hopefully pretty easy to go grab from where I am.
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