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  1. Since i'm on disability i filed an FW-001 and fare as i know i don't have to pay any court fees, i was only out maybe $30 in gas going back and forth to court and that's not enough to make me want to dive back into paper work.
  2. Hey racecar i went to that link but only got to see my record from transunion and it wasn't to bad at all, the other two kind of had problems and said i would need to mail my information to them but i think they would send back basicly the same thing i seen on transunion correct?. shellieh98 thank you for bringing that up as i just seen on my report the only other dept besides midland is dew to be removed on dec in two months because it's almost 7 years old. The bad news is midland dept will remain til 2017, will it really stay there that long even after the dismissle? i also noticed an error on the account open date. Other things i seen was: account review inquiries and i don't like the looks of it, other collections snooping and pulling my files but i guess i should stop here and post a new topic in the proper - repair forum. OH one more thing, where is the Donation Button for this forum? i can't find it any where.
  3. Credit go's to nobk4me here on the forum for posting information about there policy, it's some where in this topic i think about page 3-4 i just did a print screen scan & copy then uploaded it today so anybody can use it if they are on disability. Yes what a relief for this to be over, now i just want to find a good site where i can see everything about my credit and start repairing, i have old dept from like 10-12 years ago i would like to see if its still on record and if so maybe i can get it taken off record so i can have a good credit rating again, im not worried to much about it right now but some day if i ever want to buy a house or car i might need to pay off the old dept..and that probably will even mean that in the end i will still have to pay midland or who ever the next joker is that buys old dept.. if anyone here has experince with a good site link it please.
  4. Well i didn't have to talk much in court witch is a good thing for me, i just told the court that the case was very hard for me since i cant' read or right, i told them i had a friend in a near by town that helped me in the in the beginning but that person was not always home to help. I then told the judge i was on disability and about midlands consumer policy and gave the attorney copys of there own policy along with my proof letter from ssi. That was last week so today i go back again and the attorney whispers in my ear they have dismissed the case so all i had to do was wait for confirmation from the judge. The Attorney did not seem like a bad guy and we even shook hands but midland is still scum. they had to come to court three times so i hope they spent lots of money for there attorney. here is a copy of there policy i gave to them outlined in red. artical 3 b.bmp
  5. humm i want people to see this but its way deep in the forum, will this work - bump
  6. Seadragon, the only thing i sent to them was the answer, general denie, that cost me 25 bucks cause i had pay a lawyer to prepair it and mail it for me. that was awhile back. since then i have got a stack of papers wanting me to admit to this dept, send them any card account info i have, they want me to send them account numbers and my whole lifes history, i dont have any information at all on the said credit card dept, and other information i might have i refuss to give them like bank records. PM on its way.
  7. Can midland sneak in without me knowing and get a judgment on me befor my next court dates in oct ??? i mean since i cannot send back the information they want, the 30 days has passed on that stack of papers. im sure another stack will be coming soon.
  8. Ok i have three court dates all on Oct with the last one being the trail, this gives me time to keep trying to get legal aid. i looked at that link but its just another document i dont understand other then where i see to put my name. so i guess i just wait til next court date and then ask about that stuff and tell judge i cant read or right. i also found a letter from my doctor allthough its about 4 years old it briefly explains my disability, should i go to my doctor and get an updated letter just befor my next court date, will that help or is it needed??? i cant read much of whats on the letter so i will have my friend read the letter next time he is over but its probably something i wont want to post in open forum but i will send it to private message to anyone who wants to see it that has been helping me here.
  9. When the judge ask me and the lawyer to step out in the hall-way to talk i told him i was disabled with learning disabilitys and on ssi and could not read or right but it did not look like he was paying attention, all he wanted was my phone number and address, it was also noisy in the hall and he was trying to talk with someone else when i was trying to tell him my difficulties. i told him i dont have any other incom or assets worth anything but he said something like im gonna sue you any way in case you ever get any money or anything worth something we can take from you. (Thats my words not his) but thats kind of what it sounded like to me. I also have a speach inpedment i was born with, i never can say anything clear that has the letter ''S'' in it. I get nervous and embarrassed trying to talk to people i dont know and in a court room full of people like today all ears on every word i say dont help any. I dont now what ADA is, and never heard of a screen reader but it sounds like it could help, i will look at that link and get back to you.
  10. Again i can read a little bit but its only with help from internet i can type in this forum, i cannot spell or right things on paper, when my friend comes over every other week he helps me read the forum but for the most part i have able to read most of what is posted here but understanding it is another thing, sometimes i just have to let it sink in wait awhile and come back later and try to read it again. the hard reading stuff trying to do any kind of paper work stuff is next to imposible for me.
  11. Exactly and thats why i will go to every court date i get, i know they will get a judgement because i cant fight this and no mony for lawyer but yes i do take confort in knowing they are wasting there time and money. im gonna call the free legal aid thing again, i want to keep trying i realy do but i need a lawyer in court to do the talking for me and all that paper work. NOTE i still have not and cannot sent back the stuff they want, like an admiting to the dept and a ton of other paper stuff.
  12. I think the ONLY reason for this meeting was in hope i would not show up so they could get a default judgement aginst me right then and there, but win or lose i will go to all court dates even if i have to drive 40 miles in the cold on my motorcycle and it was COLD this morning leaving at sunup.
  13. My day in court meet and confer, i got to say one word in court (Yes) then judge says step outside and talk to scumbag, i go ouside and all he wanted was my name and address, WTF they have that already, so i tell him im disabled retarded and on ssi and he cant have my poverty money, So The Case Continues, the judge told us new courts dates but i already forgot and so i guess i have to call the cout tomorrow and find out dates... WHY didnt the judge ask me if i have anything to say ??????????? i had all my ssi papers with me but never got to show them.
  14. i use firefox and it has spell check but dont work in this post box, i migt give ie a try with that ad on.
  15. Well i have not admitted to anything other than i recived there summons and im on ssi, i called them to say i recived there summons and that there website said they wont sue anyone on ssi and that i was in fact on ssi, they tryed to get information from me about the account but i said i dont even know if its my account and that they could not get anything from me even IF it was my account because im on ssi.. the paper they want back is dew in 14 days and today is day 8 but i think i will just leave it blank and put it with my files and take to court with me since im dew next week for a meet and conferr, does this sound better?. will a judg be at this meet and confer thing? i would like to show the court my proof of ssi letter rather than mailing it to the plantiff and tell them i cant read or right and have no money to pay a lawer to do it for me. as i said befor most of my post here is copy and paste, google is good at helping me spell out words then i copy and paste here the words i normaly could not spell.