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  1. Aside from the 5k Midland I should have around 13k-15k in other cc debt. But the credit report wasn't so helpful. The judgement was 2500 then it went up to 3200 I'm not sure if it's for a different credit card but the case number is the same, should I assume it is? 2 of each actually is correct from what I could remember. As for the capital one was mines and one was a co account with my parents when I was younger.
  2. Yes you have mention that but I would likely need some details from someone from washington. I'm gonna try and understand SOL.
  3. So here is what I've put together so far. I also excluded the school loans. Those I can take care of. I hope this is useful and not wasting your time. Open Accounts: MIDLAND FUNDING Date Opened: 12/2010 Balance Date: 11/2012 Balance Amount: $1,719 High/Limit: $1,268 Account Status: Collection Comments: ORIGINAL CREDITOR: HSBC COLLECTION ACCOUNT MIDLAND FUNDING Date Opened: 11/2009 Balance Date: 11/2012 Balance Amount: $2,161 High/Limit: $1,480 Account Status: Collection Comments: ORIGINAL CREDITOR: GE MONEY BANK COLLECTION ACCOUNT MIDLAND FUNDING Date Opene
  4. Amerikaner83 thanks for the advice. I'm heading to court tomorrow to check out what's going on with the case. The case is in King county. Nice to get help from someone in the same state. I left everything alone for so long that I dont really have anything with information regarding the old accounts and stuff. I don't get mails often any more and when I do I kinda just shrugged it off and threw it away. So I decided to run credit report at equifax hoping to get a full report but it is either looking confusing or just inaccurate. I'm trying to piece it together still... Any advice how I could ga
  5. There isnt any harm for me to just go to the court house and ask what sup is there?
  6. So i should go to the court house and just ask if i have any judgement against me?
  7. It actually does exist under my name i must have been inputting the case number wrong. the current one im dealing with case number matches. the mail that a receieved from them, includes writ of garnishment from last year which they did clear out my bank. its one time already and that is why im afraid. and that bank has been closed. now i have the primary one i should close.
  8. I'm asking too many questions at once. One really quick concern that I'm really having. I'm working for a good company right now and it's by far the best income i'm getting and i'm hoping to climb. Can they garnish my wage?
  9. Any chance i could get a brief explanation of what this mean? 1 10-27-2011 SUMMONS & COMPLAINT Summons & Complaint 2 10-27-2011 SET CASE SCHEDULE JDG0008 Set Case Schedule Judge Jay V. White, Dept 8 04-15-2013ST 3 10-27-2011 CASE INFORMATION COVER SHEET LOCK Case Information Cover Sheet Original Location - Kent 4 11-16-2011 MOTION FOR DEFAULT JUDGMENT Motion For Default Judgment /pla 5 11-16-2011 AFFIDAVIT/DCLR/CERT OF SERVICE
  10. I just searched by my name and apparently it is there. I also see a few others that relates to me.
  11. I will take care of that money situation. i was told to keep my money in a safe box. LOL. But I might consider that. Would it be safer at my credit union? Because I need a place for direct deposit from work. I've tried searching for the case number but doesnt seem to exist. I don't know if maybe i'm not searching correctly but it doesnt show up.
  12. This is my first attempt to seek outside help and I have to admit i was ashame to come here. Look at my screen name. however you guys are being very helpful and I'm very thankful for all your advices. I will stick around for more advice and learn more as i go. There are terms I'm trying to learn as well. What exactly is JDB? I don't have a home phone is voicemail. however i reject all the numbers i don't know but they dont seem to leave me any messages. i've had one just asking me to call back but i never feel confident to. SOL gotta look that up too. I havent paid anything for a long while if
  13. The thing is this is the first time ive seen midland in my credit report. never before. however i do have a few collection companys harassing me but didnt seen their name anywhere in my reports. i also did an annualreport and dont see midland either. im currently being sued for some credit card and they are trying to do soemthing like writ of garnishment thats the link if youre interested to take a look. I'm not even sure how to go about that but it sure isnt making me feel so good about looking forward. But howev