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  1. The OC sold the debt and it's not being reported.
  2. I have a MCM TL that was deleted by disputing the debt with the 3 CRA's, filing complaints with the FTC and my states AG. I will be applying for a FHA loan soon. I feel that when mortgage inquires hit my CR's, the deleted TL will pop back up. It has come to my attention that I should file a complaint with CFPB. The SOL on this TL will be up in a few months. Should I file my CFPB complaint now or wait until the SOL expires? My complaint is based on cramming and early termination fees that were added despite the contract being up and my request to cancel the account. I am in the process of recei
  3. May I ask when you purchased your home? Was it after 10/15/13? I believe that's when the new FHA guidelines went in to effect. I also believe that there are other things that go into consideration. I've read that lenders may take 5% of the collection amount and factor that into your debt to income ratio and that you can submit a letter explaining why the debt was placed with a CA. I'm not sure if lenders factor in SOL's. I will continue to do research.
  4. Thanks Tom. You're right. I won't know much until I talk to a lender. I've learned its better to ask questions and conduct research before doing anything involved with credit as sometimes one move can have unintended consequences.
  5. I had a collection from MCM on my CR's. I was able to have the TL deleted. I believe the SOL has passed. I am not exactly sure of the DOFD. MCM has not provided a lot of info. I was able to obtain when the last payment was made from the OC. My wife and I would like to apply for a FHA loan within the year. It has come to my attention that FHA loans require collections over $2000 to be paid, settled, or payment arrangements made before the loan will be approved. Unfortunately, the amount owed is just a bit over $2K. Although the TL has been deleted, I feel that when mortgage inquiries hit my CR
  6. I have a redeemed repo, that was paid in full, on my TU CR. I was able to remove the redeemed repo's on my EQ and EXP CR's by sending GW letters. The redeemed repo happened 3 years ago. It has been suggested that I dispute the payment history on my TU CR becuase I believe it's showing inaccurately. I have to go back over my records and pull my TU report as it has been some time since I've done any credit repairing. I have also been told that it's likely that the redeemed repo will be deleted, from TU, since it's showing postively on my EQ, EXP reports, and the creditor most likely will not ans
  7. 1) I wouldn't consider what I've received from MCM a "settlement" in court terms. In fact, the Attorney General sent me MCM's response to my complaint. They claimed, they hadn't done anything wrong. Although, the TL was removed from my CR's. It's been awhile but I will have to go back thru my documentation. MCM never sent me a dunning letter. If they did, they sent it to my old address despite pulling my CR with my new address. I started monitoring my CR right as all this was happening. I have dates of the inquiries. They also harassed me despite being told to contact me via mail and listed th
  8. First of all, I would like to say THANK YOU. This forum and its members have been so helpful. To anyone that has just started their road to credit repair, do not give up. The road may be long but it is certainly worth it. All good things take time. If I can do it, so can you. I have an old T-Mobile account that was sent to MF. I found this collection while viewing my CR. I disputed the collection, asked for DV, and contacted the CA Attorney General as I believed MF to be in violation of several FCRA’s. The collection was removed from all 3 of my CR’s. I haven’t checked my CR’s lately but I a
  9. Yes I have. I currently have a Cap1 account in great standing. As I mentioned above, I just received a CL increase on that account. Any other Cap1 accounts might be from college but I graduated in 2003 lol! Those accounts would have been PIF or are way past the reporting period.
  10. First of all I would like to say THANK YOU! This forum and its members have provided me with so much guidance and advice. I am proud to report that I have 0 negatives on my EXP CR. I couldn't have done it without this forum. With a lot of research, patience, and money for those CMRRR letters you too can improve your credit history. If I can do it, so can you!!! Today I received a dunning letter from Northland Group Inc. The original creditor is listed as Capital One but the current owner is Galaxy International Purchasing. Unfortunately, I do not know if this debt is mine. Awhile back a fami
  11. I don't think what I received was a dunning letter. It's more like a settlement offer which includes debt validation. They've included OC, original account number, balance, and a offer to pay less. I've been advised to ignore the letter as the collection is still within the SOL.
  12. I will need to pull my reports again. I do not believe this collection is on my reports. This TL was deleted once. The OC is not and has never appeared on my reports.
  13. Today, I received a settlement letter from Midland regarding a TL that was deleted approximately 6 months ago. I never received an initial dunning letter. I checked my CR and noticed Midland's negative TL. After monitoring my CR for several months, I noticed that Midland was reporting this TL inconsistently. Midland used 2 different names (Funding and Credit Management) to open and close the TL, they listed themselves as a factoring company, made the TL appear to be a loan or revolving credit, they supposedly sent a dunning letter to my old address but pulled my CR which listed my current addr
  14. I've already received my free copies. I haven't applied for anything recently. I did hear back from EQ. The disputed items were verified. They did not acknowledge the fact that it took well over 85 days to respond or that I sent I follow-up letter with documentation showing this. Oh well, the account was opened in 2007 and is listed as a CO. I have approximately 3 more years before it falls off. After I submitted the dispute, I started thinking the CO (PIF) is probably helping my score. Deleting it may have caused my score to go down. I still haven't heard from TU. The TL was deleted from EXP.
  15. I will send a a CD letter to Midland. Today, I receieved a dunning letter for the collection that was deleted. I am sure it will be re-inserted soon. I am going to start a new topic in regards to that account. Thanks for your help.
  16. @lionhunter I did not see 60 minutes. Thanks for all the input. Hopefully, I will be receiving a deletion letter any day now
  17. I did the same. I gues the CRA's will do anything to attempt to delay the dispute process.
  18. Midland Credit Management continues to do account reviews on at least my TU CR. The purpose of their review is listed as a collection. However, I do not have any collections on my CR. Approximately 5 months ago, a collection from Midland was deleted off of my TU CR. The collection was not validated or verified. I am not sure how the SOL (tolling) would work with this collection because I moved from TX to CA. I also was able to catch Midland in violation of several FCRA's and reported them to the CA Attorney General and FTC. Since then, Midland has sent 2 letters with payment options for an u