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  1. Can the number of inquires on your credit report keep you from getting a mortgage? Hopefully will be applying for a USDA Loan in about 3 months and want to make sure I have all my ducks in order
  2. I sure haven't. I actually didn't see it. I am going to look at that section right now
  3. Can a hard inqury from a Collection Company be removed from your report? Its from last Aug.
  4. We got a small personal loan to help are credit but its small small like $325 small. Hopefully it wont do the opposite and hurt his credit
  5. TomnTex what was the other bank that approved you? We are also looking into a USDA loan
  6. One of the 6 inquiries was actually a collection angency
  7. How many hard inquiries is too many and will look bad when you try to get a mortgage loan? Since we are trying to raise our credit we have recently gotten a small personal loan and applied for 2 credit cards (approved for one but not the other). All together over the past 2 years and most of these are more recent in the past 6 months Equifax 4 hard inquiries, Transunion 3, Experian 6. Are these high numbers to have and will it affect our chances of getting a mortgage loan in the next few months?
  8. To repair my husbands credit today we got a credit card. My question is is it better to just have 1 credit card or 2? We want to do what is best to get his score back up. So far just by having a few things removed his scores have went from Equifax 12/26/2012 600 to 1/20/2013 623, Transunion 12/26/2012 603 to 1/20/2013 622, Experian 12/26/2012 605 to 1/20/2013 644. I am super excited about the improvment and want to see these scores go up up up.
  9. So we hve been working really hard to get my husbands credit score up. His scores have went from the upper 500s to 622,623 and 644 according to the Equifiax web site. I know these are FAKO scores. The lender we are working with said that our middle score had to be 620 or higher. So here is my question are FAKO scores typically lower or higher the FICO? Not sure whether we should call up the lender and give it another try or not. Another thing that we have done to raise our score was to get a small personal loan. Now I am hearing that we need to have two lines of credit as in the loan we have and a credit card. Is this true?